Murmuration: Data Engineer [New York, NY]

Seeking an innovative Data Engineer to maintain and architect the data systems and pipelines to support our efforts. The Data Engineer would work with our Senior Data Engineer and use a variety of leading database technologies and tools to process and store our existing data.

At: MurmurationMurmuration
Location: New York, NY
Position: Data Engineer

This position is closed.

About Murmuration

Murmuration transforms how political campaigns, advocates, and organizers identify, engage, and mobilize people and communities. Our focus is on driving change and accelerating progress toward a future where every child in America has the opportunity to benefit from a high-quality public education. 

What We Do

We provide sophisticated data and analytics, proprietary technology, strategic guidance, and programmatic support to help our partners build political power and marshal support so necessary changes are made to improve our public schools. Our precise, predictive intelligence and easy-to-use tools are used by practitioners and funders, on their own and working together, to make informed decisions about who they need to reach, what they need to say, and how to achieve and sustain impact.

Who We Are

Our team includes experts and innovators in data, analytics, and strategy. We are former teachers, organizers, data scientists, nonprofit executives and political campaign veterans, and we are looking for people whose passion and expertise can help improve our work and realize our vision.


Over the past four years, Murmuration has established itself as a trusted resource for our partners who include the leading practitioners and funders of efforts to elect people who believe our public schools should be safe, learner-centered, and well-resourced, so they can serve the needs of each individual student, irrespective of background or circumstance. We have demonstrated that our data, analytics, and technology can be used to help deliver improved electoral and organizing outcomes. We have also made early contact with key players across the sector, notably funders and vendors, already working on these and related efforts. Through our work, we have confirmed that to be successful, and to achieve our long-term goals, everyone committed to massively improving public schools and ensuring all children across this country have equal access to quality education must be aligned. Our collective efforts must be focused, disciplined, and the work must be collaborative and wide-ranging. At the same time, we recognize that it will take more than our current offerings – and particularly how and where they are being used, and by whom – to drive sustainable change.

We believe that Murmuration is uniquely positioned to facilitate more coordinated decision-making and collective action among practitioners and funders. We enable and promote collaboration and learning among partners. Our work expands and diversifies the political activities in support of quality public education, and, by sharing our insights so others can learn, we help to advance individual and collective efforts that align with and accelerate progress towards our vision. In short, we believe our perspective on the critical role of politics in transforming public education, the processes to engage in during the journey, and the belief system that underlies the importance of traveling in a particular way, should be broadly understood and embraced by others.

About the Position

We are looking for an innovative Data Engineer to maintain and architect the data systems and pipelines to support our efforts. The Data Engineer would work with our Senior Data Engineer and use a variety of leading database technologies (AWS Redshift, MongoDB) and tools (AWS EC2, AWS S3, Python) to process and store our existing data. The role calls for expertise in managing AWS resources and maintaining and expanding our Python-based data ingestion pipelines. There is also the opportunity to architect new data stores for our ever-growing data needs, so a creative, problem solving mindset is highly desirable.

The Data Team is a highly collaborative, friendly, and hard-working 6 person group and we are looking for team members who embody those values. The Data Engineer will report to the Director of Data. 

The Data Engineer will:

  • Help maintain and enhance our robust data warehouse that houses data from partners, vendors and other data sources
  • Manage and improve the data ingestion pipelines that service our data warehouse, which are currently built in Python
  • Deploy and use AWS resources like Redshift and RDS clusters and EC2 instances to support our work, and manage the security around those resources through AWS Security Groups and VPCs
  • Collaborate with our Data Science team to help build out our data analytics automated pipeline in Python
  • Make recommendations and provide strategic support regarding ways to make data and database operations more efficient and effective across Murmuration 

Candidate Profile

Murmuration attracts employees with distinctive and diverse backgrounds and accomplishments. Integrity, creativity, flexibility, and drive are key attributes of competitive candidates.

The ideal candidate will have:

  • MSc or higher in Computer Science or equivalent degree OR 3+ years experience in a Data Engineering role
  • >1 year experience managing large AWS database resources, either RDS, Redshift or DynamoDB, and the setup of VPCs and Security Groups to manage access to these resources
  • Excellent SQL skills, with experience in building and interpreting complex queries
  • Excellent Python programming skills, with a track record of well-designed and maintainable code
  • Experience in database design and structure, with an emphasis on scalability
  • A strong desire to develop new and innovative ways to improve our data storage and processing


This position will be based in New York, NY, and may require some travel.


The Data Engineer position is a full-time, salaried position with a comprehensive benefits package. Compensation for this position is commensurate with experience. 

An Equal-Opportunity Employer with a Commitment to Diversity

Murmuration is proud to be an equal opportunity employer, and as an organization committed to diversity and the perspective of all voices, we consider applicants equally of race, gender, color, sexual orientation, religion, marital status, disability, political affiliation and national origin. We reasonably accommodate staff members and/or applicants with disabilities, provided they are otherwise able to perform the essential functions of the job.