Datarama: Sr Machine Learning (NLP) Engineer [Singapore]

Datarama is seeking a Senior Machine Learning Engineer in Singapore, to assist their team with technological enhancement, design and develop deep learning demonstrations and solutions, and delivering deep learning expertise to the Data Science Team.

At: DataramaDatarama
Location: Singapore
Position: Senior Machine Learning (NLP) Engineer

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Datarama is looking for a Senior Machine Learning Engineer to assist our team with technological enhancement.

Key Responsibilities

  • Designing and developing deep learning demonstrations and solutions to integrate with existing or new products while also providing automation of business decisions.
  • Delivering Deep Learning expertise to the Data Science Team.
  • Providing advice and consulting on the latest research and technologies in Artificial Intelligence.
  • Working on the end-to-end lifecycle of data product, this includes, scoping of the problems to production and monitoring for enhancements.
  • Collaborating closely with key stakeholders while providing optimal communications on deliverables, risks and dependencies.

Key Requirements

  • A Bachelor's Degree in Computer Science with at least 2 years of proven experience in Machine Learning coupled with at least 3 years of experience in Applied Research while using Deep Learning.
  • Strong working experience on Deep Learning frameworks to resolve both supervised and unsupervised problems.
  • Strong understanding of cloud, virtualization and containerization coupled with strong programming skills such as Python, Golang, Java or Scala.
  • Experience with BERT and ERNIE and interest in graph database is a strong advantage.