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Accenture, Amazon, Apple, Bank of America, Boeing, Citibank, Deloitte & Touche, eBay, Fair Isaac, GE, Google, Humana, IBM, John Deere, Key Bank, LinkedIn, Microsoft, NASD, Oracle, PwC, Quantum Leap, RiverGlass, SAP, SAS, SPSS, T-Mobile, Unilever, Verizon, Wells Fargo, Xerox, Yahoo, and Zilliant are among hundreds of leading companies that advertised their jobs on KDnuggets.

Here are some actual quotes from companies and organizations that advertised on KDnuggets:
  • your site was very helpful. We received some great candidates.
  • We've got excellent candidates - quite beyond our expectations. Thank you so much!
  • We didn't get a massive amount of candidates but the ones we received were very well qualified. The posting was well worth it.
  • The posting worked great for us. We found the perfect candidate through this posting.
  • quite a good crop of candidates by all measures.
  • Of all the resumes received, the candidates from your site were by far the most qualified
  • We hired a candidate through the posting
  • We are interviewing one from KDnuggets. Thanks!
  • we did get a few good candidates through KDNuggets. I'm meeting one for lunch next week ...
  • what I really appreciate is that all of the candidates that applied from kdnuggets were qualified
  • [received ] lots of response - working on all the leads...
  • We did find good one. Thanks!
  • we felt that KDnuggets was a great resource. It was very hard to find truly qualified data miners and KDnuggets provided the best candidates out of all our resources (Monster, Dice, Craigslist, and recruiting firms). Thank you!
  • Yes, we've had some great applicants from KDnuggets
  • We are certainly getting some high quality candidates from the KDnuggets posting.
  • we appreciate your help and we have had quite a few solid candidates apply from this posting. We will use you again definitely
  • The job ad was very helpful
  • This is a tough position to fill, but I find that we've received the most qualified candidates from your site.
  • We have posted jobs on your website successfully
  • I have so far posted 3 of my jobs (directly /indirectly) with good results.
  • We are very pleased with the resumes that have come through KD Nuggets. We [already] have two verbal acceptances and several alternates.
  • [The candidates from KDnuggets ] are far more qualified than if we had used another placement.
  • Within 8 days we got 11 qualified candidates ... We will probably hire 2-3 of them.
  • A number of candidates came through the system, who noted that they were referred by KDNuggets, so it was very helpful ...
  • You were very helpful...I had a sizable list of qualified candidates very quickly. Thank you very much!!!
  • You have an excellent site, and we hired two people that found us from your posting!
  • The position of Director ... has been filled - from a candidate who responded to the ad!
  • We've filled the ... Researcher position from our posting with you
  • We have filled our Data Mining Analyst position thanks to the posting that we placed on your site!
  • This opportunity that you posted to your web site has resulted in us finding a wonderful candidate. (we love your site)
  • Our company has made about 4 hires from our last KDnuggets posting.... Unbelievably great hires!
  • We were able to fill the Director position, and the candidate we found actually was a respondent from KDnuggets. Thanks!