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  1. Discovering Reaction Information from Chemical Abstracts ... 1
    C.-S. Ai, P. Blower, R. Ledwith
  2. A System that Learns Diagnostic Knowledge in a Database Framework ... 4
    F. Bergadano, F. Brancadori, A. Giordana, L. Saitta
  3. Stratifying Samples to Improve Learning ... 16
    W. Buntine
  4. Attribute-Oriented Induction in Relational Databases ... 26
    Y. Cai, N. Cercone, J. Han
  5. Automatic Construction of Expert Systems from Data: a Statistical Approach ... 37
    K.C.C. Chan, A.K.C. Wong
  6. Summary Data Estimation using Decision trees ... 49
    M.C. Chen, L. McNamee
  7. Discretization, Event-covering, Data Synthesis and Information ... 57
    D.K.Y. Chiu, A.K.C. Wong
  8. Tapping GIS-related knowledge sources to delineate road structures on satellite imagery ... 71
    J. Van Cleynenbreugel, P. Suetens, A. Oosterlink
  9. Relating Performance Measures for Decision Trees:
    What Should We Minimize in a Decision Tree? ... 81
    U. Fayyad, K. Irani
  10. Experiments with a Database-Driven Expert System ... 94
    S. Fertig, D. Gelernter
  11. Using Functions to Encode Domain and Contextual Knowledge in Statistical Induction ... 99
    W. Frawley
  12. Extracting Knowledge from Data ... 109
    B. Gaines
  13. Learning Probabilities in Causal Trees from Incomplete Databases ... 117
    J. Golmard, A. Mallet
  14. Automated Knowledge Generation From a CAD Database ... 127
    A. Gonzalez, H. Myler, M. Towhidnejad, F. McKenzie, R. Kladke
  15. The ITRULE Algorithm for Rule Induction ... 139
    R. Goodman, P. Smyth
  16. THOUGHT/KD1: Theory, Methodology, and Implementation of Knowledge Discovery ... 147
    J. Hong, C. Mao
  17. Mining for Knowledge in Databases: Goals and General Description of the INLEN System ... 158
    K. Kaufman, R. Michalski, L. Kerschberg
  18. Deductive Power Tools for Knowledge Discovery ... 173
    C. Kellogg (Lockheed AI center USA)
  19. Discovering a Suitable Event ... 181
    H. Kjellin (U. of Stockholm, SWEDEN)
  20. Automating the Discovery of Causal Relationships in a Medical Records Database:
    The POSCH AI project ... 192
    J. Long, E. Irani, J. Slagle and the POSCH group (U. of Minnesota, USA)
  21. Discovery from Databases: A Review of AI and Statistical Techniques ... 204
    D. Lubinsky (Bell Labs,USA)
  22. Toward a New Generation of ID Algorithms ... 219
    M. Manago, Y. Kodratoff
  23. An Overview of Methods and Results for Designing Medical Diagnostic Systems from Data ... 230
    M. McLeish, M. Cecile, M. Garg, P. Yao
  24. Knowledge Discovery as a Threat to Database Security ... 241
    D. O'Leary (Business School, USC, USA)
  25. Minimal-length Encoding and Inductive Inference ... 252
    E. Pednault (AT\&T Bell Laboratories, USA)
  26. Discovery of Strong Rules in Databases ... 264
    G. Piatetsky-Shapiro (GTE Labs, USA)
  27. Knowledge Acquisition from Formal Specifications ... 275
    M. Rychener (Bellcore, USA)
  28. An Environment/Classification Scheme for
    Evaluation of Domain-Independent Function-Finding Programs ... 281
    C. Schaffer (Rutgers, USA)
  29. Justification-Based Refinement of Expert Knowledge ... 291 %*10
    J. Schlimmer, T. Mitchell, J. McDermott CMU
  30. Knowledge Discovery and Succinctness of Representation ... 301
    C.-D. Shum UCLA
  31. Rule Discovery for Query Optimization ... 312
    M. Siegel, E. Sciore, S. Salveter BU & MIT
  32. Investigation of a Simulator-trained Machine Discovery System for
    Knowledge Base Management Purposes ... 327
    B. Silverman, M. Hieb, H. Yang, L. Wu, W. Truszkowski, R. Dominy
  33. Induction of Decision Trees from Inconclusive Data ... 343
    S. Spangler, U. Fayyad, R. Uthurusamy (GM Technical Center, MI, USA)
  34. A Theory of Knowledge Discovery ... 345
    D. Thanassas (Imperial College, London, UK)
  35. Biomedical Pattern Classification Using an Integrated Heuristic and Bayesian Approach ... 358
    Q. Wu, P. Suetens, A. Oosterlink, J. Van Cleynenbreugel
  36. Discovering Knowledge from Observational Data ... 369
    Y.-H. Wu, S. Wang (Academia Sinica, China)
  37. On Linguistic Summaries of Data ... 378
    R. Yager (MI Institute, Iona College, USA)
  38. A Technique for Discovering and Analysis of
    Cause-Effect Relationships in Empirical Data ... 390
    W. Ziarko (U. Regina, Canada)
  39. Overcoming FAHRENHEIT's Experimentation Habit:
    Discovery System Tackles a Database Assignment ... 398
    J. Zytkow (George Mason U, USA)