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Subject: Commercial Support launched for Open Source KNIME

21 April, 2009 ZURICH, SWITZERLAND - KNIME.com GmbH now provides support contracts for the open source platform KNIME. The modular data exploration platform, originally solely developed at the University of Konstanz, Germany, enables the user to visually create data flows - or pipelines, execute selected analysis steps, and later investigate the results through interactive views on data and models. KNIME already has more than 2,000 active users in diverse application areas, ranging from early drug discovery and customer relationship analysis to financial information integration.

"With the 2.0.2 KNIME release, we have created a reliable and mature product, for which we can provide support for commercial, critical day-to-day use. Many users have asked us for professional support in order to allow them to make KNIME a valuable part within their enterprise IT infrastructure", stated Prof. Michael Berthold, one of the original creators of KNIME and a founder of KNIME.com.

The support contracts for KNIME help companies utilize KNIME’s full value by connecting them with a reliable, qualified support partner. For more information, please visit http://www.knime.com/subscription.

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