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  • Most Viewed Web Mining Lectures

    .... Lyu, 349 views, 0:25:27 (August 9, 2011, at Fourth ACM International Conference on Web Search and Data Mining - WSDM 2011 ) Classification of social network sites based on network indexes and communication patterns, Fujio Toriumi, 348 views, 0:20:49 (August 4, 2011, at International Workshop on...

  • CRN 25 Big Data Infrastructure Companies the Isilon and Symmetrix lines, which by itself makes it a major player in the big data arena. Hopkinton, MA. Founded 1979. Gazzang, provides data security in big data and cloud computing environments, securing personally identifiable information, preventing unauthorized access to sensitive data...

  • Top Modules and Features of Business Intelligence Tools

    …based on their business requirement. Hence, all employees may not have access to business applications that they do not require, tightening internal security measures. Row Level/Multi-Tenant Security – This basically allows you to monitor and control data access within a single application at the…

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