KDnuggets : Polls : 2000 : Privacy and Web Mining (March 2000)
Are you concerned about web mining compromising your privacy? [114 votes total]

very much (40) 35%
a little (39) 34%
not really (35) 31%


  • The more I examine the cookies on my browser, the grouchier I get. I'm not worried so much about the technology itself, but about abuses of my data. Corporations can become Big Brothers even more easily than "the government."
  • With the excuse of doing what's good for society [e.g., catching criminals], data-mining monitors everyone for the sake of catching a minority of people acting abnormally. This is reminiscent of (but more effective than) the 70's KGB techniques.
  • federal standards are required
  • If your bank sees that you have come to the end of your cheque book and send you a new one, do you consider that a breach of your privacy??? Effective Web Mining produces results that are pervasive and not invasive. dave at mineit.com.
  • Beauty of web and its information is that you search and get what you want without you being poked for what you don't want to reveal

KDnuggets : Polls : 2000 : Privacy and Web Mining

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