KDnuggets : Polls : Data mining tools you regularly use (Oct 2001)
Data mining tools you regularly use: [495 votes, 858 tools]

Clementine (156) 18%
SPSS/AnswerTree (135) 16%
SAS (104) 12%
CART/MARS (97) 11%
SAS EM (55) 6%
Megaputer (52) 6%
MATLAB (45) 5%
Angoss (29) 3%
IBM I-Miner (29) 3%
Statistica (16) 2%
Oracle Darwin (14) 2%
SGI Mineset (14) 2%
Model 1 (10) 1%
Gainsmarts (6) 1%
Xaffinity (3) 0%
Other (93) 11%

Selected Comments

  • Bruno Delahaye, KXEN
    KXEN as it provides results that are usually at least as good as other packages but it is 50 times quicker!

  • Paul Greiner, Data Mining Tools
    MS Data Mining engine because it can mine both relational data and OLAP cubed data.

  • V Lo, biased result?
    The bar chart so far shows a higher usage of Salford Systems' products. I wouldn't have voted if Salford didn't ask me to do so - this may create a strong selection bias.
  • Jesper Lind, DM Tools Microsoft SQL Server 2000 and Analysis Services.

  • Zivan Karaman, Other tools
    S-PLUS from Insightful

  • Didier Nieuwenhuis, other datamining tools
    I succeeded in finding excellent results in a very short period of time with DD Series 2.4 from DataDistilleries. This software doesn't only deliver excellent decision list models, but also allows you to fully integrate the results in all customer interaction points. Follow this fastgrowing company! (www.datadistilleries.com).

  • Atsushi Ootaki, Subject: CART/MARS
    I think that CART/MARS is an excellent data mining tool, especially I have succeeded application of CART with linear regression model (hybrid model) to POS data set. I continue to apply CART to quality control and air pollution study since 1986. Also I think that MARS will be a powerful tool for data mining.

  • Max Chickering, Other tools
    WinMine and SQL Server 2K

  • Will Dwinnell, Poll
    Other tools: MATLAB toolboxes (statistics, fuzzy, neural, etc.) ; BrainMaker ; NeuroShell ; ModelQuest ; PRW ; DMSK ; CDA ; Forecast Pro ;

  • Inna Kolyshkina , CART/MARS
    I have been using CART and MARS for a while (they were recommended to me by data analysts from PricewaterhouseCoopers US), and have found that the tools are easy to use and produce good models, and the level of technical support is fabulous!

  • ZhaoHui Tang, SQL Server 2000
    Could you please add SQL Server 2000 in the list?

  • GPS, Tool list
    Tools are listed according to the results of past poll. There are also public domain tools like Weka, but there is not enough space to include all tools

KDnuggets : Polls : Data mining tools you regularly use

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