KDnuggets : Polls : US/Canada Data Miners Income or Status (Jul 2001)
US/Canada Data Miners - annual income or status: [170 votes total]
student (32) 19%
unemployed (7) 4%
60 or less (30) 18%
61 or 80 (26) 15%
81 to 100 (28) 16%
101 to 120 (21) 12%
over 120 (26) 15%

Comments from the Editor

This poll focused on the US/Canada data miners not because of any intention to ignore Europe, Asia, and other regions where about 35% of KDnuggets subscribers and many thousands of data miners reside. The main reason is that the current poll mechanism makes it technically difficult to ask more than one question and also because multi-question polls generate much lower response rate.

Non-US/Canada income survey will be done later this year.

Notice also that many data miners are consultants and do not receive a fixed salary -- that is why the term income is used instead of salary.

Gregory Piatetsky-Shapiro

Selected Comments

  • In Finland we have high taxes and low salaries because of the welfare state. A paradox?
  • i know i'm underpaid!

KDnuggets : Polls : US/Canada Data Miners Income or Status

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