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Text or HTML format


Text or HTML? What format do you prefer for receiving KDnuggets News via email: [170 votes total]

Plain text (current format) (98) 58%
HTML (60) 35%
don't care (12) 7%


Gebhard Dettmar, Text or HTML?
Maybe 80-90% of html-mail is spam.
That's why I use 'text/html'
as spam filter. The rest is filtered with regexes like
Works quite well. Besides,
you don't need to format eMails too much.
So what's the use of mails like this:
#p {margin: 0px}hallo gebhard,

Eric King, HTML Considerations
The Modeling Agency's newsletter used to broadcast the same newsletter in both HTML and text (subscriber's choice). The "delivered" rate of the HTML version was moderately lower than the text version. The text version basically points to a web mirror of the emailed HTML newsletter. We later stopped the HTML version, not because it was any more difficult to produce, but because spam filters seem to penalize HTML over text and some subscribers never receive their newsletters.

Editor, KDnuggets News format,
Currently, KDnuggets News is emailed in plain text format, with links to full HTML pages on www.kdnuggets.com/news site. I am considering emailing KDnuggets News in HTML format.
What format you prefer?

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