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Data Mining Tools You Used in 2005

Data mining/Analytic tools you used in 2005 [376 voters, 860 votes total]

SPSS Clementine 135
Excel 78
SAS 53
SAS Enterprise Miner 49
Your own code 39
Other free tools 34
Insightful Miner/ S-Plus 32
Statsoft Statistica 30
Weka 30
ThinkAnalytics 26
C4.5/C5.0/See5 25
R 25
Microsoft SQL Server 23
Other commercial tools 23
Mineset (PurpleInsight) 16
Xelopes 16
Oracle Data Mining 10
Gornik 8
IBM Iminer 5
Angoss 3
Equbits 3
Fair Isaac 3
GhostMiner 3
Megaputer 3


The numbers above represent the actual number of votes. Percentage will differ depending on whether it is computed relative to number of responders or number of votes.

Editor, Tool prices
Tool prices tend to change, and differ for business and academic users (which sometimes can get a free license for research). With these caveats, the above tools can be grouped into these broad categories, according to an estimated price for business users as of May 2005.
  • Enterprise-level: (US $10,000 and more)
    Fair Isaac, IBM, Insightful, KXEN, Oracle, SAS, and SPSS
  • Department-level: (from $1,000 to $9,999)
    Angoss, CART/MARS/TreeNet/Random Forests, Equbits, GhostMiner, Gornik, Mineset, MATLAB, Megaputer, Microsoft SQL Server, Statsoft Statistica, ThinkAnalytics
  • Personal-level: (from $1 to $999): Excel, See5
  • Free: C4.5, R, Weka, Xelopes

Tom Khabaza, Email Voting Confirmation
I'm very pleased to see this confirmation system in place. I think it will help us get more accurate results.

Katharina Morik, free system
Yale is well suited if feature extraction and selection is necessary. Its storage of long data mining chains allows re-use for similar cases.

Paul Pimenidis, I missed Yale...
I missed Yale (http://yale.cs.uni-dortmund.de) in this poll. This free environment adds much value to Weka and seems to have a huge number of users.

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