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  • BPDM scholarships: Broadening Participation
    in Data Mining, KDD 2013

    The BPDM Program cultivates a talented and diverse population of data mining researchers by providing scholarships for students of underrepresented groups to interact with and learn from senior researchers in industry. Apply by May 12.

  • Facebook Data Mining by Stephen Wolfram

    Stephen Wolfram data mines anonymized Facebook data from over a million people who used Wolfram|Alpha personal facebook analytics. See what he found and how you can analyze your facebook data.

  • Poll Results: Largest Dataset Analyzed/Data Mined

    The largest dataset analyzed kept growing, with the median value in 40-60 GB range, about twice the 2012 value. US data miners lead other regions in Big Data: about 28% of them worked with TB size databases. We again observed the 11-100 Petabyte gap.

  • Should Data Science become a Profession: Pro and Con

    A Data Science Code of Professional Conduct can protect both consumers of data science and data scientists themselves. But it is useful and possible without a single professional body? Read the pro and con arguments and join lively debate on this topic.

  • KDD Cup 2013: Author-Paper Identification Challenge

    One of the main challenges of searching academic literature is resolving author-name ambiguity: many authors have similar names, and some authors publish under different variations of their name. This problem is the topic of KDD Cup 2013: determine which papers in Microsoft Academic Search author profile were truly written by that author. Submission deadline: June 12.

  • Top KDnuggets tweets, Apr 15-16: MSR Machine Learning Summit Streamed Live Apr 23; DMKD: Read 5 Top Articles from Data Mining and Knowledge Dis

    Microsoft Research Machine Learning Summit Streamed Live April; DMKD: Read 5 Top Articles from Data Mining and Knowledge Discovery journal; Where can you find a true Data Scientist? Julia vs R: Julia is fast, has native support for parallel computing

  • RapidMiner Data Mining, Predictive Analytics, Text Mining Courses in Vancouver

    Two new RapidMiner courses to be held in Vancouver from April 23 to April 26: Introduction to Data Mining and Predictive Analytics with RapidMiner, and Advanced Text and Web Mining Techniques with RapidMiner and RapidAnalytics

  • KDnuggets 13:n10, Big Data 100; Exclusive: KXEN Interview; Hadoop not dead yet

    Latest analytics/data mining news, including Features (6) | Software (3) | Webcasts (1) | Courses, Events (1) | Meetings (3) | Jobs (4) | Competitions (1) | Publications (2) | Tweets (3) | NewsBriefs (2) | CFP (25)

  • PAW Toronto 2013 Report:
    Canada’s Predictive Analytics Future on Display

    A report on PAW Toronto (PAW Predictive Analytics World, March 20-21, 2013) from KDnuggets Canadian correspondent Tom Wolfer.

  • Big Data 100 on PeerIndex and Klout

    #BigData100 top influencers from PeerIndex/Big Data Republic are 1. @Tomhcanderson, 2-3: @sree, @kdnuggets, 4. @revodavid, 5. @sethgrimes. We compare it with Klout Big Data leaders and find very little overlap.

  • KXEN Interview: Eric Marcade on Recommendations, User communities, Kaggle MSD, Predictive Offers

    KDnuggets talks with KXEN CTO Eric Marcade on new KXEN Recommendations, integration with business rules, successful applications, KXEN results in Kaggle MSD (6.6x more accuracy than the baseline in only 4 hours) , Predictive Offers, and more.

  • Exclusive: KXEN CTO Eric Marcade on Startups, Predictive Analytics, Big Data, Recommendations

    KDnuggets talks with KXEN CTO Eric Marcade on start-up environments, KXEN 3 big shifts, Big Data, KXEN approach to automation, death of privacy, and new KXEN Recommendations.

  • Microsoft Research Machine Learning Summit Streamed Live April 23

    This free event will offer highlights from the Machine Learning Summit, keynotes from machine learning experts and discussions with leading scientific and academic researchers on challenges raised by the new era in machine learning.

  • KDD 2013 Workshops

    KDD workshops provide an important forum for leading edge research. This year program has 14 workshops, including long-running ones - MDM: Multimedia Data Mining, BIOKDD, and Machine Learning with Graphs, and new ones - Data Mining for Healthcare, Interactive Data Exploration and Analytics.

  • DMKD: Free Read 5 Top Articles from Data Mining and Knowledge Discovery journal

    Read five recent and highly cited articles from Data Mining and Knowledge Discovery journal, courtesy of Geoff Webb, The Editor-in-Chief, and see the quality and scope of the journal.

  • DMOLD-13: Data Mining on Linked Data Workshop and Challenge

    The workshop consists of an Open Track and of a Challenge Track. The Challenge focuses Public Contract Procurement data, includes 3 tasks: prediction of the number of bidders; prediction of the type of contract; and unrestricted discovery of interesting nuggets of any sort

  • Top KDnuggets tweets, Apr 12-14: Why more data does not always produce a better model; How to better compete with other data scientists

    Why more data does not always produce a better model (Kolmogorov-Smirnov ?); How to better compete with other data scientists - useful resources; 50 #BigData Business Analytics Companies; Data Scientists Draw Pictures and Tell Short Stories

  • Supercomputing PACE Data Mining Boot Camps,
    San Diego

    San Diego Supercomputing Predictive Analytics Center of Excellence (PACE) will hold a 2-day Data Mining Boot Camp designed to provide individuals in business enterprises and scientific communities with improved tactics critical to design, build, verify, and test predictive data models. San Diego, May 2-3 and Sep 12-13.

  • Text and Social Analytics Summit, Boston, June 2013

    Discuss text analytics strategy with Merck, RingCentral, IDC and Emblem Health and see which other industry leaders will be at 11th Text and Social Analytics Summit in Boston, June 5-6.

  • Top news for Apr 7-13: IRS, Big Data, and Taxes (Cartoon); Learning from “Learning from Data”

    KDnuggets Cartoon looks at IRS, Big Data, and Taxes; Caltech Prof. Abu-Mostafa on his MOOC course "Learning from Data" and Machine Learning;
    Top jobs: Data Analytics Scientist at Archimedes; Sr. Quantitative Analyst at Bridgepoint Education

  • GE Flight Quest Winners improve gate/runway arrival predictions by 40-45 pct

    The winners used a mixture of gradient boosting and random forest models to reduce prediction errors for gate and runway arrival times to 4.2 and 3.2 minutes. Careful feature selection played a key role in their success.

  • Top KDnuggets tweets, Apr 10-11: Data Mining with Weka: an online course; NYT reviews Analytics/Data Science education

    Data Mining with Weka: an online course, April 2013; NYT reviews Analytics/Data Science education: Columbia, USF, NYU, Stanford, NWU; Big Data Techcon: Hadoop is not dead yet - my report from the Boston conference; Benchmark compares NoSQL databases

  • Director of National Intelligence:
    No Data Mining in 2012

    The Office of the Director of National Intelligence, which includes CIA, says it did not engage in any data mining activity in 2012, while CIA CTO said recently their mission is "To Collect Everything And Hang On To It Forever". We examine the contradiction.

  • Angoss WEBINAR: Integrated Customer Intelligence

    Register for the Integrated Customer Intelligence webinar and learn how KnowledgeREADER, a truly integrated customer intelligence solution, can help you support customer experience management with visual text discovery, sentiment analysis, data mining and predictive analytics.

  • Big Data Techcon Boston: Hadoop is not dead yet

    I report from the Big Data TechCon Boston (Apr 8-10), which differed from other Big Data conferences with its focus on applied, how-to, tutorials and classes. Despite Hadoop limitations, it is still the most popular tool for Big Data.

  • Oversight Systems Big Data Insights via Evidential Reasoning

    Oversight analyzes over $1.6 Trillion worth of transactions and delivers insights resulting in recovered revenue and stronger compliance for customers worldwide.

  • Top KDnuggets tweets, Apr 8-9: Machine Learning and the Jargon – an explainer; What skills are important for a Data Scientist ?

    Machine Learning and the Jargon - an explainer; What skills are important for a Data Scientist ? A Practical Intro to Data Science from Zipfian Academy; Predictive Modelers don't need to know math, but GOOD ones need to know stats

  • KDnuggets 13:n09, Data Science, a profession? Largest Data Analyzed? Cartoon: IRS and Big Data

    Latest analytics/data mining news, including Features (11) | Software (6) | Webcasts (1) | Courses, Events (3) | Jobs (11) | Competitions (3) | Publications (6) | Tweets (6) | NewsBriefs (4) | CFP (16)

  • CHALEARN: Cause-effect pairs challenge

    Bring your own data and use the challenge to discover causal relationships! The goal of this event is to evaluate for a large number of pairs of variables whether one is a cause of the other. You can contribute algorithms or contribute data.

  • Get results with SAS data mining courses

    Learn advanced processes and state-of-the-art techniques from leading industry experts and get more from your data. Spring classes are filling quickly, so register today!

  • PAW: See Who Attending Predictive Analytics World San Francisco, Apr 14-19, 2013

    Join us and network with predictive analytics experts and thought leaders who come to PAW to share their latest best practices, techniques and insight.

  • Lehigh: Assistant/Associate Professor, Tenure-Track, Data Mining or Cybersecurity

    Outstanding candidates in all areas of computer science will be considered, with priority given to candidates with a research focus in either Data Mining or Cybersecurity, both defined broadly.

  • Data Analyst

    All Out is mobilizing millions of people and their social networks to build a powerful global movement for love and equality. Data Analyst will work on improving campaigning using scientific measurement and right metrics.

  • Data Scientists (all levels), Amazon Consumer Analytics

    This is one of the most exciting machine learning job opportunities today. If you have deep machine learning knowledge, know how to deliver highly innovative solutions to challenging problems, we want to talk to you.

  • Data Scientist

    Join the team that built Obama for America Analytics. Work closely and collaboratively with analysts and engineers to identify, quantify and solve big, meaningful problems.

  • Insights Analyst

    dunnhumby is the world leading customer science company, analyzing data and providing insights on more than 400 million customers. You will work directly with our retail partners to better understand their business through the customer lens to drive better and faster decisions.

  • Senior Data Scientist

    Help build tools for the next evolution in personalized shopping. This role is best suited for advanced machine learning/statistics people that can take research out of the lab and into the real world.

  • Software Development Manager – Advertising

    Looking for talented managers who enjoy ideating new features, product definitions, creative algorithms, helping build large scale systems and who thrive in a fast paced fun environment.

  • Data Scientist

    Expert on machine learning and data mining to join a new team using big data analytic methods for creation and delivery of innovative, customer-focused agronomic services.

  • Quantitative Research Analyst

    Stevens Capital Management LP, a $3+ billion hedge fund, seeks a quantitative research analyst to conduct quantitative finance research with a focus on statistical and predictive models.

  • Sr Contract Monitoring Analyst-Medicare Part D

    Conduct pharmacy claim and data analyses to monitor Medicare Part D obligations, claim adjudication accuracy and ensure CMS requirements are being met, extract and analyze pharmacy claims.

  • Text Mining Sentiment Analyst

    Stevens Capital Management LP, a multi-billion hedge fund, seeks an analyst to conduct text mining and sentiment analysis on large news data to identify useful patterns and insight.

  • Sr. Capability Implementation Manager, Machine Learning

    Update frameworks for ETS capabilities based on recent developments in machine learning, lead design and implementation processes for transition of research to operations.

  • Quantitative Research Analyst

    Looking for a talented analyst to develop, modify, optimize, test and implement real time quantitative trading models and strategies.

  • Text Mining Analyst

    Waterfront International is a Toronto-based quantitative finance research firm, specializing in developing computer based statistical trading strategies. Looking for a talented analyst to perform sentiment analysis using various news data feeds, to find patterns, build models, and derive insight.

  • Statistical Modeling Analyst

    Design and build predictive models for a wide variety of clients and purposes, ranging from Fortune 500 consumer companies to political candidates and interest groups. Our disruptive technology was profiled on the cover story of the New York Times Magazine.

  • U. Helsinki: Assistant Professor (tenure track) in CS (Data Management)

    The U. of Helsinki, a top ten European university, seeks faculty in data management including distributed DB, management of big data systems, data models and data description languages. Apply by Oct 31.

  • Customer Insight Analyst – Retail

    A rapidly-growing start up retail business is looking for a dedicated Customer Insights Analyst to analyse website performance, customer shopping behaviour, and digital marketing campaigns.

  • Applied Data Scientist (Post-Doctoral)

    If you have a PhD in an analytical discipline and an entrepreneurial mindset, here an the experience of a lifetime - spend three months working and learning with our world-class data science team in Seattle, then return to Sydney to work with one of our closest partners.

  • Staff Data Scientist, Forecasting and Demand Analysis

    Your goal - to improve the education process and better the lives of students, through data and Analytics.

  • Data Scientist

    Help us push the boundaries of what can be done in a data driven product. Our product leverages statistical modeling, machine learning, and natural language processing and combines them with advanced visualizations to derive insight from data.

  • Sr. Data Analyst

    We combine vast data resources with leading edge predictive modeling techniques to create the most accurate risk models in the industry. The analyst will get customer data, clean and combine it, support pilot testing, and build and document models.

  • KDnuggets™ News 13:n25, Oct 16

    Features (8) | Software (1) | Webcasts (2) | Courses, Events (2) | Meetings (1) | Jobs (2) | Competitions (2) | Publications (4) | Tweets Read more »

  • June 12: Inkiru, Forrester Real-Time Predictive Analytics Webinar

    Inkiru is transforming ecommerce customer interactions by enabling merchants and financial institutions to make decisions in real-time, and host different models in real-time for different use cases. Learn more on June 12.

  • KNIME User Day, London, UK, June 25

    KNIME is the open-source data analytics platform, with a modern data-flow oriented UI which supports data preparation, analytics, data mining, sentiment and network analysis, and more. First UK user day is June 25 in London. Attendance is free but limited.

  • Angoss Video Series: Customer Analytics Roadmap

    Watch this 4-part best practices video series, focusing on Customer Segmentation, Customer Acquisition, Upsell/Cross Sell, and Next Product Recommendation and transform your big data for marketing and customer intelligence.

  • Actuate BIRT Analytics adds Predictive Analytics

    New features bring data to life through pattern detection, decision trees, and campaign workflow definition to effectively analyze data and execute campaigns

  • Oracle BigDataLite for getting started with Big Data

    Oracle BigDataLite Virtual Machine provides an integrated environment to help you get started with the Oracle Big Data platform. This appliance is for testing and educational purposes only.

  • Accel launches 100M Big Data Fund 2 for the 2nd Wave of Big Data Startups

    Accel Big Data Fund 2 will have a different focus its first big data fund, which focused mainly on the 3 Vs of big data: variety, volume and velocity. The second fund will focus on fourth V, which is end user value.

  • Simple Decision Tree Excel Add-in

    Simple Decision Tree is open-source Excel add-in, which has been extensively used to teach Decision Analysis at Stanford University.

  • Angoss acquired by Peterson Partners for $8.4 million

    Long-time analytics and data mining software developer Angoss Software acquired by a Utah-based private equity firm.

  • Angoss acquired by Peterson Partners for $8.4 million

    Long-time analytics and data mining software developer Angoss Software acquired by a Utah-based private equity firm.

  • Data Tamer startup from Michael Stonebraker, Still in Stealth Mode

    Data-Tamer is the latest(?) startup founded by legendary DB researcher and serial enterpreneur Michael Stonebraker. It is in stealth mode and says only it plans to "enable organizations to broadly integrate and curate many existing and future data sources efficiently at scale".

  • Upcoming Webcasts on Analytics, Big Data, Data Mining

    Coming soon: Webcasts on Social Data, Productionizing Hadoop, High-Performance Data Mining, Big Data Analytics, Customer Centricity, and more.

  • PAW Boston, Join Analytics Experts, Sep 29 – Oct 3

    Join Predictive Analytics experts from leading organizations at PAW Boston, Sep 29 - Oct 3. Keynotes from hot analytics speakers, case studies from top organizations, and workshops for all levels. Best rates thru June 22 and special KDnuggets discount.

  • PRISM: NSA data mining 9 leading Internet firms

    Washington Post and Guardian revealed huge NSA data mining program which gets information directly from servers of nine leading US internet companies: Microsoft, Yahoo, Google, Facebook, PalTalk, AOL, Skype, YouTube, and Apple.

  • KDnuggets 13:n14, RapidMiner, R vie for 1st; Only 14% use Big Data tools; Stock Sentiment

    RapidMiner, R vie for 1st in KDnuggets annual analytics/data mining poll; Also Features (7) | Software (5) | Webcasts (2) | Courses, Events (2) | Meetings (2) | Jobs (10) | Academic (4) | Competitions (2) | Publications (3) | Top Tweets (6) | News Briefs (1) | CFP (8)

  • Datahero: Analytics and Data Visualization for the 99%

    Datahero secret Data Decoder analyzes patterns in your data and automatically generates relevant visualizations that help you unmask the answers within.

  • KDnuggets 13:n15, Reaction to PRISM: Outrage and Shrug; Exclusive: Dan Steinberg;

    Reaction to NSA Prism: Outrage and Shrug; Exclusive interview with a data mining pioneer Dan Steinberg, and more analytics/data mining news, including Features (8) | Software (5) | Webcasts (3) | Courses, Events (3) | Meetings (1) | Jobs (8) | Academic (2) | Competitions (3) | Publications (4) | Tweets (6) | NewsBriefs (6) | CFP (11)

  • Wikibon Real World of Big Data Infographic

    This visually appealing infographic focuses on Big Data in the enterprise, covering the revenue breakdown, main growth drivers, who are the big spenders, Big Data Investment sectors, and Big Data in Motion.

  • Webinar: Data Mining: Failure to Launch [July 18]

    Learn how to get started with predictive modeling and overcome strategic and tactical limitations that cause data mining projects to fall short of their potential. Next webinar is July 18.

  • Upcoming Meetings on Analytics, Big Data, Data Mining, and Knowledge Discovery

    Upcoming Meetings, Conferences on Analytics, Big Data, Data Mining, and Knowledge Discovery in June, July, and August of 2013.

  • Security Informatics most viewed articles – open access

    Knowledge encapsulation framework for technosocial predictive modeling, Predicting sentencing outcomes, Detecting unknown malicious code, and more open access articles from Security informatics.

  • Simple Decision Tree Excel Add-in

    Simple Decision Tree is open-source Excel add-in, which has been extensively used to teach Decision Analysis at Stanford University.

  • SiSense first In-Chip Analytics Solution in the Cloud

    SiSense makes Terabyte-range analytics workloads in the Cloud easy and affordable, with costs as low as $1/TB per hour. SiSense will work with Rackspace to reduce cost and complexity from Big Data Cloud deployments.

  • AbsolutData, a midsize competitor in Analytics Services market

    I talked to AbsolutData CEO Dr. Anil Kaul about their Analytics Services, what makes them different from the competition, and current trends in the analytics marketplace.

  • Top news for May 26 – Jun 1: New Poll: Analytics/DM Software used; 42 Big Data Startups

    New Poll: Predictive Analytics, Big Data, Data Mining, Data Science Software Used; 42 Big Data Startups; SMA secret sauce for using Twitter Sentiment for stock trading;
    Top jobs: Data Scientist, Strategic at Groupon; Engagement Manager at Latentview

  • Top news for Jun 23-29: Top KDnuggets tweets, Machine Learning cheat sheet

    Top KDnuggets tweets, Jun 19-23: Machine Learning cheat sheet; NYTimes BIG DATA 2013 special section; Datameer 3.0: first ever point-click machine learning for Hadoop;
    Top jobs: SW Dev. Manager - Advertising at Amazon (Bangalore); Applied Data Scientist (Post-Doc) at Globys

  • Top news for Jun 16-22: LIONBook: free online book on Machine Learning; Reaction to PRISM; Process Mining

    LIONBook: free online book on Machine Learning and Intelligent Optimization; Reaction to NSA Prism Data Mining: Outrage and Shrug; Process Mining Movie
    Top jobs: Data Scientists (all levels), Amazon; Data Analyst at AllOut

  • Top news for Jun 9-15: RapidMiner and R vie for first place; Simple Decision Tree Excel Add-in; for web data

    KDnuggets Annual Software Poll: RapidMiner and R vie for first place; Simple Decision Tree Excel Add-in; for easy visual web data download
    Top jobs: PhD position on Machine Learning for Gait Analysis in Geneva; Data Scientist at Civis Analytics, Chicago

  • easy visual download and import web data

    Web was designed for documents, not for data, and wants to remedy this. I spoke to founder about what they do, and how lets you download the web data in an easy and visual way.

  • Top news for Jun 2-8: KDnuggets Poll: RapidMiner and R vie for first place; Very Fast Sampling for Big Data

    KDnuggets Annual Software Poll: RapidMiner and R vie for first place; Very Fast Sampling Algorithms for Big Data; 42 Big Data Startups;
    Top jobs: Credit Risk Manager at Axcess Financial; Doctoral scholarship in machine learning at TU-Darmstadt-DIPF

  • Who dominates analytics job market?

    Peter Bruce reexamines who dominates analytics job market and comes up with a different answer. His analysis shows 1.92 SAS jobs for every R job, but SQL and Java are the skills most in demand.

  • Webinar: High-Performance Data Mining Using SAS Enterprise Miner

    SAS Enterprise Miner streamlines the data mining process to create highly accurate predictive and descriptive models. We explore the new high-performance data mining functionality added to SAS Enterprise Miner 12.3.

  • Top news, jobs in May: New Poll: Analytics/Data Mining Software; 10 Most Influential People

    New Poll: Predictive Analytics, Big Data, Data Mining, Data Science Software Used; 10 Most Influential People in Data Analytics; Statistical Analysis and Data Mining journal Top Papers Free Access
    Top jobs: Data Scientist at Amazon; Data Scientist at Apple, Cupertino

  • SiSense first In-Chip Analytics Solution in the Cloud

    SiSense makes Terabyte-range analytics workloads in the Cloud easy and affordable, with costs as low as $1/TB per hour. SiSense will work with Rackspace to reduce cost and complexity from Big Data Cloud deployments.

  • KDnuggets™ News 13:n24, Oct 8

    Features (10) | Software (3) | Webcasts (4) | Courses, Events (4) | Meetings (2) | Jobs (7) | Academic (4) | Competitions (1) | Publications Read more »

  • TMA Courses in Data Analytics[Mar: Orlando; Apr: LA]

    Get up to speed in data mining faster and more effectively than with any other training program available. Next courses in Orlando and LA.

  • Upcoming November Webcasts on Analytics, Big Data, Data Mining, Data Science

    Upping Your Analytic IQ, CAP Certification, The New World of Data Visualization, The Economics of SQL on Hadoop, Analytically Speaking, SPSS Modeler Courses, Data Mining: Failure to Launch, and more.

  • Net Lift Models: Optimizing Your Marketing Efforts

    Go beyond typical targeting. The true effectiveness of a marketing campaign is not the response rate: it is the incremental impact.

  • PAW: Predictive Analytics World San Francisco, Mar 16-20 2014 – highlights and workshops

    Predictive Analytics World is the leader in educating and supporting the greater analytics industry. The upcoming San Francisco event (Mar 16-20) will feature killer keynotes, conference sessions and networking, and 6 great workshops. Special KDnuggets discount

  • Boston Data Festival, Nov 4-10

    Boston first-ever Data Festival brings together the meetup community, entrepreneurs, VCs and others to highlight our data-centric scene.

  • Future of Statistics Unconference, online, Oct 30

    The data revolution requires an equal revolution in statistical methods, software, education, and collaborations with natural sciences, social sciences, and industry. Listen to some of the brightest minds, including Hilary Mason, Hadley Wickham, and Sinan Aral.

  • WCAI Research Opportunity: Predicting Life Changes from Financial Activity

    Predict major life events based on a unique anonymized dataset from a major financial services company that allows for an unprecedented view into customer-company interaction. More in a webinar on Nov 22.

  • 7th Sentiment Symposium to feature Human Analytics Solutions, Big Data Emotion, Connection, Intent

    The 7th Sentiment Analysis Symposium, March 5-6, 2014 in New York City, will feature presentations, panels, and workshops covering Digital Measurement, Intelligent Customer Experience, Sentiment Analysis, and Speech and Text Analytics. Call for speakers until Oct 28.

  • IEEE BigData 2013: Big Data challenges and potential solutions

    A report from inaugural IEEE Big Data conference highlights, including Berkeley Data Analytics Stack, Crowdsourcing for Data Analytics, Security for Big Data and more.

  • TESC online MBA in Data Analytics

    Online MBA in Data Analytics from Thomas Edison State College prepares students to thrive in the dynamic and rapidly expanding field of Big Data.

  • October Analytics, Big Data, Data Mining companies and startups activity

    The October 2013 acquisitions, startups, and company activity in Analytics, Big Data, Data Mining, and Data Science: Monsanto buys Climate Corp for $1.1B, MongoDB raises $150M, Facebook buys Onavo, Pivotal buys Xtreme Labs.

  • Top news for Nov 3-9: 7 Steps for Learning Data Mining; Twitter and Quantum Physics? John Tukey “Badmandments”

    7 Steps for Learning Data Mining and Data Science; John Tukey "Badmandments"; Yang-Mills: A million dollar connection between Twitter and quantum physics?
    Top jobs: Advanced Data Mining Engineer StubHub at eBay; Multiple PhD vacancies on Process Mining at TU/E

  • Chordalysis: a new method
    to discover the structure of data

    This new method helps you answer "why" - understand the reasons for prediction. It uses chordal graphs to scale the classical method of log-linear analysis to much larger datasets.

  • Yandex Personalized Web Search Challenge

    The challenge ask participants to re-rank URLs of each SERP returned by the search engine according to the personal preferences of the users - personalize search using the long-term (user history based) and short-term (session-based) user context.

  • KPMG Capital Investment Fundfor Big Data and Analytics

    KPMG Capital will support technology partnerships, strategic alliances and the recruitment of top talent to create new Data and Analytics solutions. Currently, 69% of business leaders see data and analytics as strategically important, but only 4% say their company is using them effectively.

  • NYU, Berkeley, UW multi-million partnership to harness potential of data scientists and Big Data

    NYU, UC Berkeley and U. of Washington launch a 5-year, $37.8M cross-institutional effort, which aims to improve interactions between researchers in specific subjects and computational experts, develop an ecosystem of analytical tools and research practices, and establish data-centric career paths.

  • EMVIC 2014: Eye Movements Verification and Identification Competition

    The aim of the contest is to determine how people may be identified based on their eye movement characteristic. No special equipment required - the organizers provide a dataset of eye movement recordings.

  • IBM Opens the Watson Cognitive Platform for Developers

    IBM opens the Watson Cognitive Platform to global community of developers, wants to fuel a new era of intelligent cognitive apps built in the cloud.

  • Boston Data Festival and Next Trends in Big Data

    Boston first-ever Data Festival gathers hundreds of analytics professionals, and All-Star Big Data panel answers what is next in Big Data and which trends are least likely to be successful.

  • Big Data Influencers Q4 2013

    Onalytica 2013 Q4 list of #BigData Influencers on Tweeter is led by @KirkDBorne, @jameskobielus, @timoelliott, @BernardMarr, and @kdnuggets. We compare their list with Klout and find only one intersection among top influencers.

  • U. Miami: Open Rank Faculty of Business Practice

    We are particularly interested in individuals who have extensive experiences in business and marketing analytics, data visualization, data mining and machine learning.

  • U. Texas Austin: Faculty, Data Analytics

    The School of Information at U. of Texas at Austin looks for full-time, tenure-track junior and senior faculty, especially in the areas of data analytics, human-computer interaction, and archival studies.

  • Analytics Business Analyst

    Not your typical financial services job – take a leadership role in helping Morgan Stanley Research drive strategic data mining initiatives that are at the cornerstone of our business strategy. Serve as the interface between senior stakeholders and modelers and be hands-on validating, visualizing, deploying, and evangelizing new models.

  • Jr. Data Mining Architect

    Be a key member on the Objectifi team, work directly with and learn from our Professional Services team, and actively on client engagements.

  • Provalis Research QDA Miner 4.1 and SimStat 2.6 Text Mining Software

    The unique integration of QDA Miner (for easy-to-use qualitative analysis), SimStat (for statistical analysis and bootstrapping) and WordStat (for text-mining and quantitative content-analysis), allows researchers to integrate numerical and text data into a single project.

  • Data Mining Programmer

    Have a significant impact on our business and take a leadership role in implementing our new real time data mining web application and its infrastructures.

  • Data Scientist, Strategic

    Looking for creative and innovative minds to join the team to focus on strategic data analysis ideas that will propel the future growth of Groupon.

  • Data Scientist

    Analyze data to develop business and marketing operations, strategies and tactics to promote site traffic, increasing subscriber and customer acquisition by improving conversion, and increasing customer lifetime value.

  • Senior Applied Researcher, Ads

    Our team does Click Prediction of Ads which is one of the fundamental problems in Sponsored Search. A successful candidate should be passionate about machine learning, mining patterns from big data, and creative with feature and data engineering.

  • Data Mining Scientist

    Apple Data Mining Lab is looking for an outstanding data mining scientist to work with business managers to design, develop, and field data mining solutions that have direct and measurable impact to Apple.

  • Risk Modeling Analyst

    Analyze internal and external data; develop and implement scorecards/data driven predictive models for Enterprise Risk Management, Marketing, Sales and Field Operations, and more.

  • Postdoctoral Fellow in Bioinformatics/Biostatistics

    Develop a diagnostic model utilizing genomic (SNP), clinical and dosimetric parameters that identifies patients at risk for toxicity from radiation therapy for their prostate cancer.

  • Real Time Data Mining, Sr. UX designer

    Take a leadership role in designing and implementing our new real time data mining web application, and work collaboratively with engineers, product managers, executives, and other designers across the full software development lifecycle.

  • IEEE ICDM Research Contributions and Outstanding Service Awards, Nominations due Aug 22

    The IEEE ICDM Research Contributions Award recognizes influential research contributions to the field of data mining. The Outstanding Service Award is for major service contributions that have promoted data mining as a field and ICDM as the world premier research conference in data mining.

  • New Poll: Interested in Analytics, Big Data, Data Mining, Data Science education?

    New KDnuggets poll asks if you are interested in online and on-campus education, including certificates and MS degrees. Please vote

  • Top KDnuggets tweets, July 19-21: All R packages and manuals, searchable; Data Science + Gamification + Online training = Datamind

    R documentation – all R packages and manuals, searchable; Data Science + Gamification + Online training = DataMind; How to meaningfully use Twitter Analytics, Facebook Insights; Tableau Online, now offers Visual Analytics in the Cloud, connects live to 150 sources

  • Know CUDA? Join Accelerate Diagnostics in saving lives as Sr. Software Engineer

    Be a key member of the team developing our clinical diagnostics system, and work closely with both instrument engineering and assay/algorithm development groups.

  • Researchers

    The lab will focus on technology innovation and business development for novel big data solutions and will contribute to the realization of Hitachi vision of "Social Innovation" and establish Hitachi as a leader in big data.

  • Data Scientist

    Work with the Director of Analytics to develop analytics frameworks that will help grow the business by providing the Sales, Marketing and Operations teams with strategic direction.

  • Senior Data Analyst

    Perform BI and statistical modeling using medical data and other data for CRICO, the patient safety and medical insurance company serving the Harvard medical community.

  • TheWebMiner data extraction and web data mining tool

    TheWebMiner has a simple interface designed for regular users, who send samples of items they want to extract and the engine tries to understand samples and give back all items with the same structure.

  • Top KDnuggets tweets, July 8-9: Data Scientists vs. Data Engineers; Understanding Hadoop MapReduce

    Data Scientists vs. Data Engineers - what are their roles in the organization; For aspiring Big Data Scientists: Understanding Hadoop MapReduce; Data Science and Big Data Analytics - Free Course Module; Great Google tools for analysis & discovery

  • Top KDnuggets tweets, July 12-14: DataMind: FREE Online Interactive Learning Platform for R; From Whale Calls to Dark Matter: Competitive Data Science

    DataMind: FREE Online Interactive Learning Platform for R; From Whale Calls to Dark Matter: Competitive Data Science with R and Python; Why Anthropology and data science need each other – thought-provoking ; Great infographic: Becoming a Data Scientist – Curriculum via Metromap

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