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  • Deep Learning and Neuromorphic Chips

    ...computing, and research labs around the world are currently working on developing this exciting new technology. As opposed to normal CPU’s and GPU’s, neuromorphic computing involves neuromorphic processing units (NPU’s), spiking neural networks (SNN’s) and analogue circuits and spike trains,...

  • Bayesian deep learning and near-term quantum computers: A cautionary tale in quantum machine learning">Gold BlogBayesian deep learning and near-term quantum computers: A cautionary tale in quantum machine learning

    ...ks have begun to include more and more different hardware back-ends, including anything from off-the-shelf CPUs to Tensor Processing Units (TPUs) and neuromorphic chips. Yet, there are still problems that remain too difficult to solve: some of these are amenable to quantum computing. In other...

  • Artificial Intelligence and Life in 2030

    ...improve the hardware efficiency and robustness of computing systems. I haven’t covered much at all in The Morning Paper on algorithmic game theory or neuromorphic computing. If any readers have suggestions for key papers to look to here please do let me know. Over the next fifteen years, the Study...

  • Four Broken Systems & Four Tech Trends for 2018

    ...phones and such. Last year has seen a number of announcements by major chip makers of a new kind of chip that is designed for artifical intelligence; neuromorphic computing (called neuromorphic in reference to the neural networks that most artifical intelligence use). Chips being chips, they tend...

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