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  • Quantum Machine Learning: A look at myths, realities, and future projections

    ...s means that qubits can exist in many different states, and be evolved into a final, optimized state. Two types of qubit chipsets exist—a chipset for quantum annealing processes and a gate-based circuits that extend the notion of classical chipsets. Both rely on quantum properties like...

  • Quantum Machine Learning: An Overview">Gold BlogQuantum Machine Learning: An Overview

    ...ate the signals from the background in solving the 'Higgs-signal-versus-background' ML optimization problem. This study found that using a mixture of quantum annealing and classical annealing was advantageous over state-of-the-art ML methods. Quantum algorithm to solve linear systems: Some quantum...

  • Age of AI Conference 2018 – Day 2 Highlights

    ...proaches to quantum computing. D-Wave shocked this space in 2007 by announcing the first commercially available quantum computer and that it uses the quantum annealing technique, which does not entangle all the qubits and cannot program qubit by qubit. Read up this fascinating story with good...

  • Data Science, Machine Learning: Main Developments in 2017 and Key Trends in 2018">Gold BlogData Science, Machine Learning: Main Developments in 2017 and Key Trends in 2018

    ...for supercharging deep learning and machine learning at a peak rate of 120 teraflops of performance per each GPU. Moving away from the hype of D-Wave quantum annealing computers to 20 qubit capable quantum computing machines with QISKit quantum programming stack in Python. Machine Learning, Deep...

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