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Web Advertising Solutions

  • 24x7 Media, provides Internet advertising and online direct marketing solutions for advertisers and Web publishers.
  • AdRelevance, a Media Metrix company, tracks and analyzes ads on the web in real time.
  • BehaviorLink(SM) is a new advertising network working with Publishers and Advertisers to deliver behaviorally targeted ads eliminating wasted impressions and obtaining a higher return on their online advertising investment.
  •, a major portal for consumer savings and a direct marketing service for advertisers
  • DoubleClick, the leading global Internet Advertising Solutions company, developing solutions for Web publishers and Web advertisers.
  • Ennect Marketing Automation, offering single platform for email, survey, event registration, and digital assest collaboration.
  • Internet Advertising Resource Guide (edited by Hairong Li), provides information about new forms of e-advertising, including Web surveys.
  • Marketwave, develops the Hit List software products that allow Internet marketers and Web developers to identify and analyze how their Internet/intranet presence is being used by visitors.
  • Internet advertising, online advertising and market research analysis and consulting.
  • netScore, new internet traffic measurement service that uses a precise machine-based measurement methodology to confidentially capture the demographic information, usage statistics, and buying behavior of more than one million opt-in members.
  • Razorfish, web advertising agency.
  • Rocket Fuel automated technology identifies the top performing segments for each individual campaign and directs impressions to boost campaign performance in minutes.
  • SuperSurvey, turnkey solution for online surveys.
  •, an unbiased, comprehensive Internet advertising directory
  • ValueClick, the Pay-for-Results Advertising Network. ValueClick Cost-per-Click model allows clients and agencies to reach their target audience, paying only when customers click on their ad and visit their website.
  • Websurveyor, offers service and tips for conducting web surveys without writing code.

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