Standards and Industry Associations for Data Mining, Analytics, and Knowledge Discovery

  • ACM SIGMOD, ACM Special Interest Group on Management of Data -- database research, publications, meetings and more.
  • ACM SIGKDD, the Knowledge Discovery and Data Mining Professional Society.
  • CRISP - DM, an industry consortium developing the CRoss-Industry Standard Process Model for Data Mining.
  • DMG -- the Data Mining Group, a consortium of industry and academics formed to create standards, starting with PMML, (XML-based) for defining and sharing predictive models.
  • Java JSR 73 -- Data Mining API , addresses the need for a data mining API for Java, aligned with existing, evolving data mining standards efforts.
  • XML for Analysis (XMLA), a standardized API in the Online Analytical Processing (OLAP) and Business Intelligence (BI) space, for OLAP and data-mining functions.