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Date: Tue, 18 Jan 2000 19:20:36 +0100
From: Mylene mylene@elseware.fr
Subject: French Book about Datamining on the Internet
On request of Eyrolles Editions, Mr Patrick Naïm (*)  and myself are
currently writing a book on the following subject: DATAMINING ON THE

This book aims at presenting the stakes and specificities of datamining
on the web and we would like to contact people who work in this field in
order to collect information regarding products, applications,

More precisely, this book will cover the following subjects:
- Existing techniques for datamining on the internet (segmentation, data
analysis, neural networks, bayesian networks, decision trees,...). An
elementary description of these techniques will be made with detailed
algorithm bases.
- Tools for datamining on the internet with evaluation versions of these
tools on a CD Rom
- Applications, state of the art, trends.Our objective is to focus on
this last part and we hope you will be willing to help us.

This book targets decision makers who wish to acquire a global view of
Datamining on the internet, of available tools and techniques and of
potential applications. It therefore can be used as a reference guide by
sales managers, marketing managers, logistics managers in order to
define what can be expected from datamining and how to implement it. It
can also be useful to students, engineers and research managers who need
to implement these techniques. It will provide them with the basic
information on Datamining on the internet, the underlying methodology
and how to introduce or extend the use of datamining on the internet in
their companies.

The date of publication is planned for June 2000. 5000 copies will be
printed in France. If successful, the book will be translated into
English and made available to the rest of Europe.

Editions Eyrolles (www.editions-eyrolles.com) is the first publisher of
IT oriented books in France. This book will be published in the
"Informatique Magazine" collection which specializes in the edition of
books midway between the reference guide and the market study.

We would be very grateful if you could provide any information which
might help us to write this book.
Thank you very much in advance for your help.

Best regards,


26-28 rue Danielle Casanova
75002 PARIS
Tel. 331.4458.9340

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KDnuggets : News : 2000 : n02 : item21

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