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From: Usama Fayyad fayyad@MICROSOFT.com
Subject: Microsoft proposed Data Mining Extensions for OLE DB - call for information/registration
Date: Sun, 13 Feb 2000 21:23:25 -0800

Call for information/registration from data mining and database related companies.

Microsoft's Data Warehouse Product Unit within Microsoft SQL Server Division, and Microsoft Research, are interested in extending SQL Databases to better support data mining applications. As part of this effort, we have been developing a new API intended to support Data Mining based on Microsoft's OLE DB API for database connectivity.

In July 1999, following a series of focused meetings with data mining vendors individually, a design-preview meeting was held and over 100 vendors and companies were invited to participate and provide feedback on the initial draft of the proposed API. Feedback was collected from that meeting and from individual interactions with companies. The invitations were sent to companies that have interacted with Microsoft in the past in the areas of Data Mining, OLAP, and Data Warehousing. We are now preparing to share the new API draft with a larger and more global set of interested parties.

In order to help us more effectively and rapidly communicate new developments and updates to interested parties, we are requesting that companies provide a point of contact and a little information on the level of interest in OLE DB for Data Mining as well as related updates regarding Microsoft's future plans in this area.

We have established a web-based form for signing-up: http://research.microsoft.com/dmx/oledbdm

This sign-up page is intended for companies who are active in providing services and/or products within or related to Data Mining. This list will only be used to update our database of companies who are interested in becoming providers, consumers, or solution providers on top of Microsoft's proposed extensions for data mining: OLE DB for Data Mining. This information is being collected for purposes of the product development and documentation groups, and will not be forwarded outside Microsoft. If you are an individual interested in OLE DB for Data Mining (not a vendor or company), please do not sign up at that page. We hope to make copies of the spec available to the general public sometime in the near future. If you are a company that's already on our lists, we ask that you please do register at this web form any way to make sure our new list is complete.

Usama Fayyad - on behalf of Data Mining Product and Research Teams Data Mining & Exploration (DMX) Group, Microsoft Research

For inquiries, please e-mail oledbdm@microsoft.com

Usama Fayyad (fayyad@acm.org) Tel. 425-703-1528 http://research.microsoft.com/~fayyad Fax 425-936-7329 Data Mining & Exploration (DMX) Group Microsoft Research, Redmond, WA 98052-6399, USA

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KDnuggets : News : 2000 : n04 : item2

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