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KDnuggets NewsTM 00:07, April 04, 2000

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  • (item1) Gregory Piatetsky-Shapiro, Exchange Application (now Xchange) acquires Knowledge Stream Partners
  • (item2) Gregory Piatetsky-Shapiro, KDnuggets Poll on Privacy and the Web
  • (item3) Sal Stolfo, comments on Web and Privacy
  • (item4) Gregory Piatetsky-Shapiro, KDnuggets Poll: How much do you value your personal information?
  • (item5) Gregory Piatetsky-Shapiro, Industry Briefs: ANGOSS; KiQ and AVS; SAS; Whitecross; Magnify
  • (item6) Alexandros Labrinidis, dbgrads: a searchable database of graduating students
  • (item7) Paolo Zagaria, Help ! Compile sgi's MLC++ with Microsoft Visual C++ 6.0 under winnt
  • (item8) barko@attglobal.net, Data Mining/Data Analysis survey
Courses (see also KDnuggets Courses page)
  • (item9) Rob Hudson, SALFORD SYSTEMS SEMINAR SERIES: Chicago, San Francisco, Boston, Toronto
Jobs (see also KDnuggets Jobs page)
  • (item10) Jonathan D. Becher, Fremont, CA: Software Engineers at Accrue Software
  • (item11) Ellen Snowdon, Cambridge, MA: Research Scientist / Bioinformatics Developer at Whitehead Institute
  • (item12) Cheryl Borgonia, Mountain View, CA: Knowledge Discovery Engineer at Angara
  • (item13) Don Eblen, Palo Alto, CA: Marketing Analytics Engineer at Adknowledge
  • (item14) Don Eblen, Palo Alto, CA: Manager, Marketing Analytics at Adknowledge
Academic (see also KDnuggets Academic page)
  • (item15) Engineering Mathematics Colin Campbell, UK: PhD studentship in Kernel Methods for Bioinformatics at U. Bristol
Publications (see also KDnuggets Publications page)
  • (item16) N Cristianini, Available Now: Support Vector Book
  • (item17) Pirjo Moen, PhD Thesis: Attribute, Event Sequence, and Event Type Similarity Notions for Data Mining
CFP (see also KDnuggets Meetings page)
  • (item18) Dr. Sunita Sarawagi, CFP: SIGKDD Explorations: volume 2, issue 1
  • (item19) Sid Bhattacharyya, CFP: Decision Support Systems Special Issue on Web Data Mining
  • (item20) Simeon J. Simoff, KDD2000 Workshop on Multimedia Data Mining (MDM/KDD2000), Boston, MA, Aug 20 2000
  • (item21) Byung-Hoon Park, KDD-2000 Workshop on Distributed and Parallel Knowledge Discovery, Boston, MA, Aug 20 2000
  • (item22) Ah-Hwee Tan, CFP: PRICAI'2000 Workshop on Text and Web Mining, 28 Aug, Melbourne, Australia
  • (item23) Mohammed Zaki, 3rd WORKSHOP ON HIGH PERFORMANCE DATA MINING, May 5, Cancun, Mexico
  • (item24) Huan Liu, PRICAI-2000 workshops
About Australian Defense Forces, Kangaroos, and Object-Oriented Programming.

March/April 2000 PC AI reports this story.
Recently, Australian Air Force wanted to modify their virtual reality simulator to train their pilots to avoid kangaroos (disturbed animals might give away the helicopter position). The efficient Aussie programmers took the code used for modeling infantry, replaced the soldier icons with the kangaroo icon, and increased the speed of movement.
Eager to demonstrate their flying abilities for visiting Americans, the Aussies "buzzed" the virtual kangaroos in low flight. The kangaroos scattered, as predicted, and the visitors were duly impressed.
However, they were taken aback when the kangaroos reappeared from behind a hill and launched a barrage of Stinger missiles at the helicopter. ...
The morale? Be careful when reusing objects, since your new object may inherit features you do not wish.
Simulator supervisors report that from that point onward the helicopter pilots avoided kangaroos, just as the top brass wanted to.

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