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KDnuggets NewsTM 00:08, April 18, 2000

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  • (item1) Gregory Piatetsky-Shapiro, Industry Briefs
  • (item2) Gregory Piatetsky-Shapiro, digimine Founded to Offer Next Generation eCommerce Analytics
  • (item3) Maria Zemankova, NSF Partnerships for Innovation Program Annoucement;
  • (item4) Gregory Piatetsky-Shapiro, KDnuggets Poll: Value of Personal Information
  • (item5) Gregory Piatetsky-Shapiro, New Poll: The effect of April Nasdaq fall on Data Mining Companies
  • (item6) marcf@magnify.com, Magnify joins Personalization Consortium
  • (item7) Jan M Zytkow, market for KDD ?
Software (see also KDnuggets Software page)
  • (item8) Francis DaCosta, Neptunet software for intelligent content aggegation
Jobs (see also KDnuggets Jobs page)
  • (item9) Michael M.J. Cavaretta, Dearborn, MI: Data Mining Marketing Analyst at Ford
  • (item10) Melissa McClarin, San Diego, CA: Senior Software Configuration Engineer at HNC Financial Solutions
  • (item11) Melissa McClarin, Chicago, IL: Senior Software Engineer at HNC Financial Solutions
  • (item12) Melissa McClarin, Chicago, IL: Senior Software Engineer at HNC Financial Solutions
Academic (see also KDnuggets Academic page)
  • (item13) Dieter Merkl, Professorship position in Business Informatics at Vienna University of Technology
Publications (see also KDnuggets Publications page)
  • (item14) Dave Jones, Web Mining and Privacy
  • (item15) Boris Kovalerchuk, New Book: Data Mining in Finance
  • (item16) Joao Gama, Phd Thesis available "Combining Classification Algorithms"
  • (item17) Jeroen Meij, Call for contributions on the future of Data mining
  • (item18) Ronald Kostoff, Web-based monograph on text mining
Meetings (see also KDnuggets Meetings page)
  • (item19) ragrawal@almaden.ibm.com, DIMACS/IBM Workshop on Data Mining in the Internet Age, May 1 - 2, 2000
CFP (see also KDnuggets Meetings page)
  • (item20) Paul Bradley, KDD-2000 Call for Workshop Papers
  • (item21) Ivan Bruha, CFP: KDD-2000, workshop "Postprocessing in ML and DM"
  • (item22) Andries Engelbrecht, CFP: IJCSS Special Issue on Knowledge Discovery
  • (item23) Prof. Martin Charles Golumbic, Second Bar-Ilan Workshop on Knowledge Discovery and Learning, May 31 - June 1, 2000, Israel
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KDnuggets : News : 2000 : n08

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