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From: Gregory Piatetsky-Shapiro gps
Date: Tue, 12 Jun 2000 17:53:49 -0400
Subject: KDnuggets Poll: What Data Mining Software do you use?
The latest KDnuggets Poll asked the question:
What Data Mining Software do you use?
The most popular packages were:

      SPSS Clementine	    20%
      SAS (base)	    18%
      SAS Enterprise Miner  14%
      IBM Intelligent miner  9%
      Angoss		     7%
      Salford CART	     7%
      SGI Mineset	     5%
      Megaputer		     1%

based on the votes of about 400 people, who chose among these 9 packages.
About 20% cast votes for other packages.

Given the space limitations, I could not put all the packages
and chose the above subset, which inevitably led to emails
from excluded vendors asking why their package was not included.

Tools mentioned in the other category included

    Alice Isoft (part of Business Objects)
    MATLAB PLS toolbox
    Model 1
    Oracle Darwin
    NeuralWare's Professional II+
    SPSS 10.0 and AnswerTree

I apologize to these vendors and plan to have a second, more comprehensive
KDnuggets poll of data mining software in the near future.

See full results and additional comments at:


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