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From: Paul Bradley bradley@microsoft.com
Date: Thu, 29 Jun 2000 18:28:38 -0700
Subject: KDD-2000 Conference Highlights
The KDD conference series is the premiere event for the data
mining community bringing together more than 800 data mining
professionals from industry and academia.

       The Sixth ACM SIGKDD International Conference
          on Knowledge Discovery and Data Mining

           August 20-23, 2000, Boston, MA, USA
           Conference Headquarters: World Trade
                 Center and Seaport Hotel


The KDD conference series is the premiere event for the data
mining community, bringing together more than 800 data mining
professionals from industry and academia (our participation
rates are 60% industry and 40% academia).  For more information
about the conference, please visit

| KDD-2000 Conference Highlights |

The conference features Research Track keynotes, paper and
poster presentations; Industrial Track keynotes, invited
industrial speakers and presentations; Tutorials; Workshops;
Panels on controversial issues and areas of interest and,
extensive vendor and publisher Exhibits. The conference also
features KDD-Cup, the Fourth International Data Mining Tools

Research Track includes Keynote Addresses by:

o Christos H. Papadimitriou, UC-Berkeley, "On Certain Rigorous
  Approaches to Data Mining"
o Jason Catlett, Junkbusters Corp., "Among Those Dark Electronic
  Mills: Privacy and Data Mining"
o Bruce Buchanan, University of Pittsburgh, "Informed Knowledge
  Discovery: Using Prior Knowledge in Discovery Problems"

Industrial Track includes Keynote Addresses by:

o James Goodnight, CEO, SAS, "Decision Support in the Booming
o Michael Saylor, CEO, MicroStrategy, "One to One Relationships
  via Web, Wireless and Voice"

Industrial Track also includes Invited Talks by:

o Matt Cutler, CeIO, NetGenesis, "E-Metrics: Tomorrow's Business
  Metrics Today"
o David Stodder, Editorial Director, Intelligent Enterprise,
  "After the Gold Rush: Data Mining and the New Economy"

KDD-2000 Tutorials:

  The KDD-2000 Tutorial program provides intensive and
  inexpensive training opportunity to participants from industry
  and government.  The timeliness of the proposed topics make them
  of value to academic researchers as well.  Tutorial attendance
  is included with KDD-2000 registration.  Tutorials will occur on
  Sunday, August 20, 2000. The following Tutorials are offered
  this year:

  o Data Mining for HyperText
  o Multidimensional Visualization
  o Knowledge Discovery in Biological Domains
  o Data Mining for Successful Customer Management (CRM)
  o Time Series Similarity Measures
  o High Performance Data Mining

KDD-2000 Workshops:

  The workshops aim at discussing recent research advances in
  focused areas of knowledge discovery and data mining.  They are
  intended to be small and intimate to foster open discussion. The
  following Workshops are offered this year:

  o Web Mining for E-Commerce
  o Distributed and Parallel Knowledge Discovery
  o Multimedia Data Mining
  o Post-Processing in Machine Learning and Data Mining
  o Text Mining

KDD-2000 Panels:

  Panels address new, exciting, and controversial issues in the
  data mining community. The following Panels are offered this

  o KDD Process Standards
  o Personalization and Data Mining:  Exploring the Synergies
  o Privacy


  The popular KDD Cup competition for applications of data
  mining focuses this year on analysis of web clickstream data
  from an apparel retailer. The awards ceremony for this year's
  winners will be held on Sunday, 8/20 following the conference

KDD-2000 Exhibits:

  The exhibits will stay open on Monday, 8/21 and Tuesday,
  8/22. A select list of Exhibitors includes:

  Accrue, AIM Learning, Amazon.com, Angoss, Blue Martini, Carat,
  High Tower, i2inc, IBM, K.wiz, Kxen, Marcom, MathSoft,
  Megaputer, Mineit, Multilogic, Salford Systems, Spotfire, SAS,
  SPSS, Urban Science, Visual Numerics, Whitecross, WizSoft,

The registration fee includes all conference events, proceedings
and food (breakfast, lunch and breaks.) Come confer with us in
the midst of discussions, demos, food and refreshments. For more
detailed information, please see:


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