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KDnuggets NewsTM 00:25, Dec 19, 2000

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  • (item1) Gregory Piatetsky-Shapiro, KDnuggets Regional Poll: Are Latin American viewers the most active?
  • (item2) Gregory Piatetsky-Shapiro, New Poll: Do you still see the effects of Y2K bug?
  • (item3) SPSS Corporate Donation Campaign
  • (item4) Teraminer Analytics gains speed by including ML algorithms inside a database
  • (item5) PrimeResponse and SPSS Partner
  • (item6) Quadstone Secures $30 Million to Accelerate Expansion Plans
  • (item7) Unica launches Affinium Interact, a real-time context server
  • (item8) Microsoft announced beta XML for Analysis
  • (item9) email tracking via HTML "bugs" is growing
  • (item10) SETI News: Discovery out of this world
  • (item11) Privacy groups are asking FTC to change Amazon.com privacy policy
  • (item12) New NymIP privacy protocols to counter tracking technologies.
  • (item13) Senator takes aim at e-commerce data-sharing effort
Software (see also KDnuggets Software page)
  • (item14) Elaine Tocci, Be Free BSELECT provides personalized recommendations in real-time
  • (item15) Daniel Kottow, Brush Bar: visualization and exploration using scatterplots and histograms
Courses (see also KDnuggets Courses page)
  • (item16) Eric King, DATA MINING: LEVELS I & II. Next offering -- January, Orlando
  • (item17) Keith Gordon, Request: Data Mining Experience to Detect Health Care Payment Fra
  • (item18) JDandJS@aol.com, Data/Web Mining software with affiliate programs?
Jobs (see also KDnuggets Jobs page)
  • (item19) Andreas Buja, Florham Park, NJ, USA: Research Statistician at AT&T Labs
  • (item20) David Sallach, Chicago, IL, USA: Consultant in data mining/statistics/DW at U. of Chicago
  • (item21) Woodrow Chin, New York, NY, USA: Marketing Quant Analyst + other various at Mindswift
  • (item22) Michael Justice, UK: Data Miner, Ref 017158 at British Telecom
Publications (see also KDnuggets Publications page)
  • (item23) Arthur Flexer, Three papers on analysis of EEG
  • (item24) Gregory Piatetsky-Shapiro, ZDNet on Personalization, the old-fashioned way
  • (item25) Erick Cantu-Paz, NEW BOOK: Efficient and Accurate Parallel Genetic Algorithms
  • (item26) Cbult16@cs.com, Executive Overview: Mine Your Own Business
  • (item27) Gregory Piatetsky-Shapiro, Azer Bestavros on Zipf's Law and the Death of Personalization
  • (item28) Franklin Wayne Poley, DM-List: Knowledge Engineering: installing human unconscious in robots?
CFP (see also KDnuggets Meetings page)
  • (item29) Charles X. Ling, Special Issue of IJFCS: Mining The Web
  • (item30) Vetle I. Torvik, Journal of Computers & Industrial Engineering on Data Mining
  • (item31) Richard Dybowski, ML Journal Issue on Fusion of Knowledge with Data
  • (item32) Ng Wee Keong Asst Prof, Workshop on Data Mining and e-Business, April 16-18, Hong Kong
  • (item33) Shoji Hirano, JSAI Int'l Workshop on Rough Set Theory and Granular Computing, Japan, May 21-22, 2001
  • (item34) Takashi Washio, JSAI KDD Challenge 2001, May 22, 2001, Japan
  • (item35) Alexander Maedche, IJCAI-01 Workshop on Ontology Learning, Aug 4, 2001, Seattle, WA, USA
  • (item36) Sarabjot S. Anand, IJCAI-01 Workshop on Intelligent Techniques for Web Personalization
  • (item37) Johannes Fuernkranz, ECML/PKDD-01 Call for Workshops, Freiburg, Germany, Sep 3-7, 2001
  • (item38) Xindong Wu, Call for Book Proposals in Knowledge and Information Management
I wish all the KDnuggets subscribers
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very happy holidays!
Gregory Piatetsky-Shapiro

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