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From: Mark Last mlast@csee.usf.edu
Date: Tue, 02 Jan 2001 16:58:42 -0500
Subject: Book: Knowledge Discovery and Data Mining, The Info-Fuzzy Network (IFN) Methodology
We would like to announce the availability of our new book:
"Knowledge Discovery and Data Mining, The Info-Fuzzy Network (IFN)


Oded Maimon
Dept. of Industrial Engineering, Tel Aviv University, Israel

Mark Last
Computer Science and Engineering, University of South Florida,
Tampa, USA

Volume 1

Kluwer Academic Publishers, Dordrecht

Hardbound, ISBN 0-7923-6647-6
December 2000, 196 pp.
NLG 250.00 / USD 100.00 / GBP 77.00

This book presents a unified approach to knowledge discovery and data
mining, termed IFN for Info-Fuzzy Network. The IFN methodology handles
selection of the most relevant features, extraction of informative rules
and patterns, and post-processing of the extracted  knowledge. The book
provides detailed descriptions of the IFN algorithms and discusses
real-world case studies from several application domains including
manufacturing, process engineering, health care, and education. In
addition, the book describes the general methodology of application and
compares the IFN performance to other data mining methods.

The book is intended to be used by researchers in the fields of computer
science, engineering, information systems, statistics, and  management
who are searching for an integrated approach to the  knowledge discovery
process. The book can also serve as a reference book for courses on data
mining, machine learning, and databases.

Table of Contents:

To order:

More information and a downloadable version of the IFN software is
available at the book web site http://wwwie.eng.tau.ac.il/ifn-kdd/,
which will be kept updated with pointers to new publications, case
studies, and online software.

Thank you for your attention,

Mark Last

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