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Anvil Informatics Receives $3.5 M 1st Round VC Financing
LOWELL, Mass., Jan. 10 /PRNewswire/

AnVil Informatics, Inc., announced today that it has completed its
first round of venture capital financing with three leading venture
capital firms: Seaflower Ventures, Mason Wells Biomedical Fund, and
Applied Genomic Technology Capital Funds. This investment will be used
to expand AnVil's business management team and technical staff as well
as to accelerate the development of its software tools and to enhance
its data discovery and exploration platform. The expanded staff and
enhanced data exploration software will enable the company to meet the
rapidly growing demand for AnVil's data mining, analysis and
visualization services and software.

AnVil Informatics is a data exploration company providing professional
services and software for data mining, analysis and visualization to
leading pharmaceutical, biotechnology and genomics companies. AnVil
was organized in 1999 and incorporated in March of 2000. AnVil's
technology was developed over a seven-year period by Dr. Georges
Grinstein, Dr. Patrick Hoffman, and Dr. Kenneth Marx, while at the
University of Massachusetts/Lowell. AnVil is located in Lowell, part
of the greater Boston area and adjoins the University of
Massachusetts/Lowell campus. Boston is considered the center for
research and development in biotechnology and is at present the
location of over 400 biotech and genomics companies, making it an
attractive market for AnVil's products and services.

see Anvil Informatics

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