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From: Maanen, T. van - AMSXE Tomvan.Maanen@klm.nl
Date: Wed, 3 Jan 2001 16:15:08 +0100
Subject: Website: an overview of data mining
I would like to recommend you my site at www.van-maanen.com .
This note will take you through the area of data mining. An overview will be
given on data mining, data warehousing and all other new exciting things you
probably have heard from. However, this note is not written by a marketing
department, neither by a sales manager. No it is written by a professional.
Data mining is described without the blah-blah as you have found in
beautiful marketing leaflets. I have worked now for more 15 years in the
area of what is now called data mining. I know of the problems that arise
when data mining is undertaken. However, I also feel that data mining can be
done by every capable professional. In this note I give you a head start on
how to take off.

 		Met vriendelijke groeten,

 		Tom van Maanen

 		KLM Information Services - (AMS/XE)
 		Tel  : 06 21 266 386
website: www.van-maanen.com

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