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From: jason@homer.njit.edu (Dr. Jason Tsong-Li Wang)
Date: Mon, 5 Feb 2001 14:51:46 -0500
Subject: CBGI 2001: Computational Biology and Genome Information, Durham, NC, Mar 15-17
The 2001 Atlantic Symposium on Computational Biology and Genome Information
Systems  & amp; Technology held at Regal University Center, Durham, North Carolina,
during March 15-17, 2001, includes keynote speeches, plenary speeches,
a panel, and paper presentations on topics concerning genome processing,
computational biology, bioinformatics, biotechnology, molecular data
analysis and mining, among others.

Conference Highlights

Welcome Remark, Dr. Kristina Johnson, Dean, Pratt School of Engineering,
Duke University

Keynote Speech:
"Applying Gene Expression Profiling to the Discovery of Cancer Causing
Genes", Dr. Jeffrey M. Trent, Director, Division of Intramural Research,
Chief, Cancer Genetics Branch, NIH/National Human Genome Research Institute

TBA, Dr. Joseph Nevins, James B. Duke Professor, Duke University

"Sequences and Computers: A Personal Reflection on the Digital Age",
Dr. Russell F. Doolittle, Center for Molecular Genetics,
University of California, San Diego, La Jolla, CA

"Sequencing and Analysis of the Human Genome", Dr. Mark Adams,
Vice President, Genome Programs, Celera Genomics, Maryland

Plenary Speech:
"Algorithms for Whole Genome Analysis", Dr. Steven L. Salzberg,
Senior Director of Bioinformatics, The Institute for Genomic Research

"Computational Insights into RNA Folding Pathways: Getting from Here to
There", Dr. Bruce Shapiro, Laboratory of Experimental and Computational
Biology, National Cancer Institute, NIH

"Iterated Profile Searches with PSI-BLAST", Dr. Stephen Altschul,
Senior Investigator, National Center for Biotechnology Information,
National Library of Medicine, National Institutes of Health

"Statistical Analysis for Clinical Discriminant Using DNA Micro-array
Data", Dr. Mike West, Duke University

"Integrated Protein Family Classification for Functional Genomics",
Dr. Cathy Wu, Director of Bioinformatics, National Biomedical Research
Foundation, Georgetown University Medical Center

"Computational Discovery of Important Functional and Structural Features
in mRNA Sequences", Dr. Jacob V. Maizel, Jr., Laboratory of Experimental
and Computational Biology, National Cancer Institute, NIH

"The Importance of Anatomical Substrates", Dr. Erich Jarvis

Dinner Banquet Speaker:
Dr. Kenneth R. Tindall, Senior Executive Vice President,
North Carolina Biotechnology Center

Dinner Speaker:
"Meanderings in Sequence Space: Random Evolution and Rational Engineering
of Bio-polymers", Dr. Thomas LaBean, Duke University

Panel Discussion:
"The Future of Genomics Research"
Russell Doolittle, University of California, San Diego, La Jolla
Jim Siedow, Duke University
Bruce Shapiro, National Cancer Institute/NIH
Jacob Maizel, National Cancer Institute/NIH
Panel Chair: Jeff Dangl, University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill

For conference details, please visit http://www.ee.duke.edu/CBGI/

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