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From: Riccardo Bellazzi ric@aim.unipv.it
Date: Mon, 22 Jan 2001 17:05:54 +0100
Subject: IDAMAP 2001 Call for papers, deadline May 18, 2001
A Workshop at the Medinfo2001
London, UK, September 4th, 2001



IDAMAP-2001, a one day Medinfo2001 Workshop, will be held in
London, UK, on Tuesday, 4th of September, 2001. This is the sixth
IDAMAP Workshop: the former ones were held in Budapest in 1996,
Nagoya in 1997, Brighton in 1998, Washington DC in 1999, and
Berlin in 2000.

Gathering in an informal setting, workshop participants will have
the opportunity to meet and discuss selected technical topics in
an atmosphere which fosters the active exchange of ideas among
researchers and practitioners. The workshop is intended to be a
genuinely interactive event and not a mini-conference, thus ample
time will be allotted for general discussion.


A large amount of data is currently being collected in
bio-medicine for both experimental and observational purposes.
This automatic data collection pushes towards the development of
methods and tools able to handle and analyze data in a
computer-supported fashion, and to support evidence to be
exploited in all activities of the biomedical field. In the
majority of the application areas, this task cannot be
accomplished without using the available knowledge on the domain
or on the data analysis process. This need becomes crucial in
clinical applications, since medical decision making needs to be
supported by arguments based on basic medical and pharmacological

The topics of the workshop are computational methods for
biomedical data analysis that aim to narrow the gap between data
gathering and data comprehension and to support the use and
exploitation of observational and retrospective data.

In terms of methodology, topics include, but are not limited to,

- data mining techniques, including machine learning, clustering,
  neural networks, etc.,
- other techniques for construction of predictive models,
- data visualization,
- interpretation of time-ordered data (derivation and revision of
  temporal trends and other forms of temporal data abstraction),
- knowledge management and its integration with intelligent data
  analysis techniques,
- utility of background knowledge in data analysis,
- integration of intelligent data analysis techniques within
  biomedical information systems.

Contributions that discuss particular applications of intelligent
data analysis techniques are invited, especially those that cover:

- analysis of medical and health-care data;
- analysis of pharmacological data, drug design, drug testing;
  discovery of new drug compounds, pharmacodynamical modeling;
- exploration of bioinformatics data (protein structure
  prediction, functional genomics, analysis of gene expression
- outcomes analysis.

We further encourage the submission of papers that address question

- What are the application classes that motivate the usage of
  certain methods?
- What is the potential applicability (and generalizability) of
  proposed solutions?
- What is the level of integration with other methods and tools
  to achieve real working systems?
- What kind of knowledge is needed, used and/or extracted by the
  IDA and DM methods?
- What is the role of prior knowledge in data analysis?
- How should the available knowledge be represented?


The scientific program of the workshop will consist of
presentations of invited and accepted papers and panel
discussion. Papers are invited both on methodological issues of
intelligent data analysis as well as on specific applications in
biomedicine and pharmacology.

The invited speakers and the topics of the panel discussion will
be announced in subsequent CFPs.


May 18, 2001     Papers submitted
June 8, 2001     Notification of acceptance
June 29, 2001    Final version of accepted papers received


The workshop invites submission of long and short papers written
in English to the workshop chair, Riccardo Bellazzi. Authors
should send an electronic submission in either PDF, PostScript or
MS Word format to idamap2000@fri.uni-lj.si no later than May 18,
2001. The length of long papers is of about 5000 words (10 pages)
and length of short papers is about 1500 words (3 pages).

Authors will be notified of acceptance by June 8, 2001. Papers
will appear as separate workshop notes. A subsequent publication
of selected papers in peer-reviewed Journal is planned.


The registration fee for the IDAMAP meeting will be Sterling
Pounds 30 per person. The fee for this meeting must be paid -
without any deductions - directly to Peregrine (details on
payment and registration process will be announced later this
year and will be posted on IDAMAP web page,
http://magix.fri.uni-lj.si/idamap2001). Peregrine will provide
each delegate with proof of registration. Peregrine is providing
all hotel accommodation for Medinfo (see
http://www.medinfo2001.org/) and can offer this same service to
any of the IDAMAP delegates.


- Riccardo Bellazzi, University of Pavia, Italy (chair)
- Blaz Zupan, J. Stefan Institute, Slovenia (co-chair)
- Xiaohui Liu, Brunel University, U.K. (co-chair)
- Ameen Abu-Hanna, Academic Medical Center, Univ. of Amsterdam, The
- Noriaki Aoki, Baylor College of Medicine, USA
- Lars Asker, Stockholm University, Sweden
- Werner Horn, Austrian Research Institute for AI, Austria
- Elpida Keravnou, University of Cyprus, Cyprus
- Isaac Kohane, Harvard Medical School, Boston, USA
- Cristiana Larizza, University of Pavia, Italy
- Nada Lavrac, J. Stefan Institute, Slovenia
- Peter Lucas, University of Aberdeen, UK
- David Marrero, University of Indiana
- Silvia Miksch, Vienna University of Technology, Austria
- Christian Popow, University of Vienna, Austria
- Marco Ramoni, Harvard Medical School, Boston, USA
- Yuval Shahar, Ben-Gurion University of the Negev, Beer-Sheva, Israel

Riccardo Bellazzi, PhD, Assistant Professor
Dipartimento di Informatica e Sistemistica, Universita' di Pavia
via Ferrata 1, 27100 Pavia, Italy, tel:39-0382-505511, fax:39-0382-505373
email: ric@aim.unipv.it, http://aim.unipv.it/~ric

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