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KDnuggets NewsTM 01:12, June 12, 2001

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  • (item1) Poll Results: Clustering is the most frequent Data Mining Task
  • (item2) Wall Street Journal: Data Mining in Ford Explorer/Firestone tire failures
  • (item3) Leo Breiman elected into National Academy of Sciences
  • (item4) Forrester report: Turning Data Into Dollars
Courses (see also KDnuggets Courses page)
  • (item5) DATA MINING: LEVELS I & II [Chicago/July - Six Seats Remain as of 6/12]
  • (item6) Data, Text, and Web Data Mining seminar -- Boston | Chicago | San Francisco | New York
  • (item7) Salford Systems New Hands-On Data Mining Seminars: New York, San Francisco, San Diego
Jobs (see also KDnuggets Jobs page)
  • (item8) Pittsburgh, PA: Statistician/Data Miner at Medical Information Company
  • (item9) Plymouth, MN: Marketing Analyst at Carlson Marketing Group
  • (item10) Boston, MA: Scientific Programmer at Dana-Farber Cancer Institute
  • (item11) Milwaukee/Chicago: VP, Customer Analytics & Targeting at wealth management firm
Software (see also KDnuggets Software page)
  • (item12) TimeFinder environment for querying and exploration of time-series data
Academic (see also KDnuggets Academic page)
  • (item13) 2 faculty positions in Neuro-Informatics at U. of Illinois at Chicago
Publications (see also KDnuggets Publications page)
  • (item14) New Book: Advances in Distributed and Parallel Knowledge Discovery
  • (item15) DM: Bayes Nets tutorial
  • (item16) WebIR collection moved
  • (item17) Industry Headlines: XML, Visual Mining, Closures, Alliances, Spinoffs, and more
  • (item18) Data mining in stocks ?
  • (item19) Search for time series data for concept drift detecting algorithm
  • (item20) Organizational Data Mining Implementation Survey
  • (item21) IBM text mining tool Takmi ?
Meetings (see also KDnuggets Meetings page)
  • (item22) GECCO-2001 detailed schedule/program, San Francisco, CA, July 7-11
  • (item23) SSDBM 2001: Scientific & Statistical DBMS, George Mason U., July 18-20
  • (item24) Industrial Conference on Data Mining, Leipzig, Germany, July 24-25
  • (item25) DIMACS Workshop on Data Mining and Scalable Algorithms, Rutgers, NJ, Aug 22-24
CFP (see also KDnuggets Meetings page)
  • (item26) IEEE Data Mining 2001, deadline June 15, 2001
  • (item27) ICDE 2002, Int. Conf. on Data Engineering, deadline June 21, 2001
  • (item28) CAMDA experiment on Microarray Data Mining, deadline July 8, 2001
  • (item29) Spec. Issue on Internet Intelligent Systems, deadline Oct 31, 2001
Hormel no longer objects to "spam".
In a long-running dispute between Hormel Foods Corp., the maker of the pork luncheon meat SPAM, and spammers who send unwanted e-mail, Hormel is giving up. In a message posted on the official Spam Web site www.spam.com, Hormel Foods says it no longer objects to the use of the term "spam" to denote unwanted commercial e-mail -- if it is spelled "spam" (lowercase), and not accompanied by pictures of the luncheon meat.

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