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KDnuggets NewsTM 01:14, July 3, 2001

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  • (item1) JDA buys Accrue Software's NeoVista Data Mining Products
Jobs (see also KDnuggets Jobs page)
  • (item2) Rockville, MD: KDD Specialist at NASD Regulation
  • (item3) Philadelphia area, PA: Statistician/Data Miner at Predictive CRM Solutions company
  • (item4) Boston area, MA: Data Modeler at Bioinformatics pre-IPO
  • (item5) Plymouth, MN, USA: Marketing Analyst at Carlson Marketing Group
Software (see also KDnuggets Software page)
  • (item6) Insightful Launches S-Plus Analytic Server(tm) 2.0
  • (item7) Add intelligence to XML. Demo available.
  • (item8) SAS data mining macros revisited
Publications (see also KDnuggets Publications page)
  • (item9) New Book: Spatial Databases: With Application to GIS
  • (item10) New Book: Data Warehousing And Business Intelligence For e-Commerce
  • (item11) KXEN Version 2.0 with Real-Time Deployment
  • (item12) ANGOSS Best Ever Q2 Revenues
  • (item13) SPSS WebApp Framework enables custom, thin client
  • (item14) Mantas, new Knowledge Discovery Company
  • (item15) Business Applications Using Genetic Algorithms?
Meetings (see also KDnuggets Meetings page)
  • (item16) AFCEA Database Colloquium, San Diego, CA, Aug 28-30, 2001
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KDnuggets : News : 2001 : n14

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