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From: Peter Wiesner
Date: Tue, 17 Jul 2001 15:01:45 +0100
Subject: Heidelberg, Germany: Oracle Application Developer at Phase-it Intelligent Solutions


Situated in the historic city of Heidelberg, Phase-it Intelligent Solutions AG is an innovative Life Science Data Mining company developing and applying proprietary data mining processes and strategies to enable biopharmaceutical research organizations to interpret clinical and genomic data to better understand multifactorial aspects of complex diseases, leading to novel drugs and diagnostic/prognostic strategies.


To strengthen our young and interdisciplinary team, we are looking for highly motivated individuals with the ambition to drive data mining to its limits and to discover fundamental mechanisms of cancer and other complex diseases. The intellectual challenge of this position lies in the handling and development of cutting-edge information technology (databases, data mining, Internet) and in successfully applying IT to solve highly demanding problems arising from research at the forefront of bioscience.

You should have experience in developing and deploying Oracle database applications under Linux/Unix or NT. Decent skills in Java/ C++ or a background in life science would be an asset.

Besides competitive salaries and an attractive stock option program, we offer the freedom for broad career development: we're a new company offering the perfect environment for people with ideasand enthusiasm. We guarantee that you won't be bored! And Heidelberg is a fun place to live, too.

Dr. Peter Wiesner
Hans-Bunte-Straße 8
D-69123 Heidelberg
phone: +49-(0)6221-73925-13
fax: +49-(0)6221-73925-13
e-mail: contact@phase-it.de
URL: http://www.phase-it.de

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