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From: Alfred Inselberg
Date: July 23, 2001
Subject: Parallax: Automated Multidimensional Visualization -- new reduced price

PARALLAX, the new and most advanced visualization software, has broken the barrier! It is now possible to do visualization based knowledge discovery AUTOMATICALLY. Parallax provides powerful features for doing interactive visualization of datasets with hundreds of parameters and tens of thousands of records. This enables the discovery of complex relations among the parameters affecting specific objectives. In addition, it has very efficient geometric automatic classifiers which find :

  • concise and explicit classification rules,
  • the minimal set of parameters (basis) required to state the rules (achieving tremendous dimensionality reductions),
  • orders these variables according to their information content, and
  • VISUALLY presents the rule as a hypersurface.

Visual pre and post-processing leads to sharper categorization and far better comprehension of complex results.

Parallax is based on the most recent advances in Parallel Coordinates the leading methodology in Information Visualization. Built by Alfred Inselberg -- the inventor of Parallel Coordinates -- and his company MDG, an alpha-release version is now marketed at an attractive introductory price and is available for 14 days evaluation.

It has been used very successfully in Process Control (including Yield Increases), Banking and Finance, Military and Intelligence, Feature extraction from Satellite Data, Commodity Trading and other applications.

Parallax runs on Windows and NT and requires 1MB of hard disk space + the space needed for the datasets. Datasets can be imported from EXCEL.

Visit www.kdnuggets.com/software/parallax/ to download a trial copy!

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