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MIS AG U.S. Executives Buy Majority of its North American Division
SHORT HILLS, N.J. (July 23, 2001) -- MIS AG, a leading European
provider of business intelligence solutions, today announced that the
executives of the North American division have purchased majority
ownership of its North American company.  Exact terms of the agreement
were not disclosed except to confirm that the executives hold the
majority stake of MIS AG North America.

Politano will continue as the North American company’s chief
executive officer, heading the group formed to run its
operations. James T. (Jim) McCarthy, formerly director of sales, North
American partner channels, will act as vice president of business
development and partner channels. Herbert Birman brings over 18 years
of financial management expertise to the newly created position of
vice president of finance and operations.

MIS DecisionWare, our integrated suite for business intelligence, will
be our flagship offering in North America,” shared Politano.
“Companies such as Hewlett-Packard, 3Com and Multifoods are already
using MIS DecisionWare to enable collaborative business intelligence
and reporting throughout their organizations, moving organizations
from single threaded business intelligence to true collaboration.  We
anticipate that more and more U.S. and Canadian companies will be
interested in MIS DecisionWare, to eliminate the barriers that older,
less sophisticated business intelligence software products have
created in their companies, thus preventing true knowledge

The company name MIS AG will remain unchanged here in North America.
More information about MIS AG North America can be viewed at

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