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From: Kansas State KDD Lab
Date: Sun, 15 Jul 2001 20:49:47 -0500 (CDT)
Subject: IJCAI-01 ML5 - Workshop on Performance Enhancement in KDD, Aug 4, 2001
IJCAI-2001 Workshop on
Wrappers for Performance Enhancement in
Knowledge Discovery in Databases (KDD)
[workshop code ML-5]


Saturday, 04 Aug 2001
Seattle, Washington, USA


The rapidly increasing volume of data collected for decision
support applications in commercial, industrial, medical, and defense
domains has made it a challenge to scale up knowledge discovery in
databases (KDD), the machine learning and knowledge acquisition
component of these applications.  Many techniques currently applied
to KDD admit enhancement through the WRAPPER approach, which uses
empirical performance of inductive learning algorithms as feedback
to optimize parameters of the learning system.

Wrappers include algorithms for performance tuning, especially:
optimization of learning system parameters (HYPERPARAMETERS) such as
learning rates and model priors; control of solution size; and change
of problem representation (or inductive bias optimization).
Strategies for changing the representation of a machine learning
problem include decomposition of learning tasks into more tractable
subproblems; feature construction, or synthesis of more salient or
useful input variables; and feature subset selection, also known as
variable elimination (a form of relevance determination).

This workshop will explore current issues concerning wrapper
technologies for KDD applications.


This workshop is intended for researchers in the area of machine
learning, including practitioners of knowledge discovery in databases
(KDD) and statistical and computational learning theorists.  Intelligent
systems researchers with an interest in high-performance computation
and large-scale, real-world applications of data mining (e.g., inference
and decision support) will also find this workshop of interest.


   "An Intelligent Assistant for the Knowledge Discovery Process"
      Abraham Bernstein and Foster Provost
      New York University
   "Bagging Considered Harmful"
      Charles Elkan
      University of California, San Diego


Any interested attendees are welcome.
To be invited to the workshop, send e-mail to the organizing committee at:

For the workshop agenda, electronic version of accepted papers, invited
talks, and slide presentations, as well as up-to-date information on the
committees and invited speakers, please visit the workshop web site:


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