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From: Melanie Hilario
Date: Mon, 23 Jul 2001 11:03:49 +0200
Subject: IEEE Workshop on Integrating Data Mining and Knowledge Management, deadline Sep 14, 2001

Workshop on Integrating Data Mining and Knowledge Management November 29, 2001

to be held in conjunction with ICDM'01: The 2001 IEEE International Conference on Data Mining Doubletree Hotel, San Jose, California, USA November 29 - December 2, 2001 Home Page: http://kais.mines.edu/~xwu/icdm/icdm-01.html

Following is an extract of the Workshop Call for Papers. The complete call is available on http://cui.unige.ch/~hilario/icdm-01/cfp.html.

Objective =========

The workshop is aimed at bringing together researchers and practitioners from the areas of data mining and knowledge management. The technical objective is to exchange ideas and techniques from the two areas, and to establish a framework for the development of approaches that integrate knowledge management and discovery.

Topics of Interest ==================

Integrating data mining and knowledge management is not a simple matter of juxtaposing KM and DM techniques borrowed from two independent toolboxes. It implies resolving many still open issues at the junction of the two fields, such as:

- the representational mismatch between knowlege management and data mining systems

- the use of domain- and problem-specific knowledge to prime and guide the knowledge discovery process

- knowledge deployment and reuse in the face of population or context drift

- knowledge assimilation, or the process whereby new knowledge is incorporated into the long-term knowledge store. A particularly important issue is the assimilation of models and patterns extracted via data mining.

Other topics of interest include:

* Knowledge extraction from data warehouses * Knowledge extraction from multimedia collections * Data mining techniques for document management solutions * Case knowledge discovery, or knowledge discovery from cases in case-based reasoning systems * Artificial Intelligence methods or techniques for construction of KM systems from existing document collections * Architectures for DM/KM systems * Integration of various types of knowledge (formal vs. informal, tacit vs. explicit) through DM/KM * Knowledge sharing support through data mining techniques for content identification * Content management solutions based on DM and KM * Assessment of concrete DM/KM applications for integration aspects * Case studies of integrating DM/KM in organizations * Data mining techniques for contextual enrichment of knowledge repositories * Validation of mined knowledge prior to incorporation into organizational memory

Contributions are solicited on any of the above topics, or on related ones. We encourage the submission of papers discussing fundamental issues, reports on experimental techniques and systems, descriptions of systems used in practical settings, or position papers that may serve as the basis for discussion.

Important Dates ===============

September 14, 2001: Workshop paper submissions due. October 12, 2001: Workshop paper acceptance notices. October 26, 2001: Camera-ready version of workshop papers due. November 29, 2001: Workshop takes place.

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