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From: Gregory Piatetsky-Shapiro
Date: 4 Sep 2001
Subject: New Poll: Preferred Location for the KDD August 2003 Conference?
The KDD-2002 conference will be co-located with AAAI and be held in
Edmonton, Alberta, Canada, July 23-26, 2002. SIGKDD Executive
Committee is now considering possible location for KDD-2003
conference, which is planned for late August, 2003.  Many factors take
part in the decision, including having a local data mining
group, good local organizers, ease of travel, cost, and so on.

It would also be useful to get a sense from KDnuggets readers about
their preferences for the KDD-2003 site.

Please vote on www.kdnuggets.com for
which potential site of KDD August 2003 meeting you are likely to attend
(multiple choices allowed)

	  Acapulco, Mexico
	  Chicago, IL
	  Seattle, WA
	  Washington, DC

or make other suggestions

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