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From: Michael Spano
Date: Thu, 11 Oct 2001 16:01:00 -0400
Subject: New Book: Data Mining For Association Rules and Sequential Patterns, by Adamo
Data Mining For Association Rules and Sequential Patterns
Sequential and Parallel Algorithms
Jean-Marc Adamo, Université de Lyon, France
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This volume describes key algorithms used in the sophisticated data
mining of large scale databases. It presents a collection of
algorithms based on the lattice structure of the search space; all
algorithms are built as processes running on this structure. Given the
computational complexity and time requirements of mining for
association rules and sequential patterns, the design of efficient
algorithms is critical. Most algorithms provided here are designed for
both sequential and parallel execution. In addition to enumerative
algorithms, the book presents algorithms related to quantitative rule
optimization. The algorithms are described in a C-like
pseudo-programming language and are supported by detailed

Topics and features:
* Offers a unified presentation of the main topics relating to
  association rule mining and sequential pattern mining
* Reviews all important algorithms proposed in the literature and
  presents new algorithms
* Utilizes mathematics for accurate algorithm development
* Provides solutions to the problem of parallel mining for association
  rules and sequential patterns
* Presents search-space and database partitioning techniques for
  parallel rule and sequential pattern mining.

Practitioners and professionals in information science, computer
science, database design, and software engineering will find the work
an essential resource, as will teachers, students, and researchers
involved in the domains of knowledge discovery, data mining, and data

TABLE OF CONTENTS: Introduction/ Search Space Partition/ Based Rule
Mining/ Apriori and Other Algorithms/ Mining for Rules Over Attribute
Taxonomies/ Constraint-Based Rule Mining/ Data Partition-Based Rule
Mining/ Mining Rules with Categorical and Metric Attributes/
Optimizing Rules with Quantitative Attributes/ Beyond
Support-Confidence Framework/ Sequential Patterns: Search Space
Partition-Based Mining/ Appendix/ References/ Index

2001/272 PP./HARDCOVER/$54.95/ISBN 0-387-95048-6

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