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NewWorld Commerce Teams with The Modeling Agency
Automated marketing and campaign management
combined with sophisticated data mining capabilities
enables marketers to target customers more effectively

Bellevue, WA. Oct 1, 2001. – NewWorld Commerce, a leading provider
of automated marketing and campaign management solutions, is
partnering with The Modeling Agency (TMA), an information modeling
solutions, training and consulting company, to provide its clients
with integrated data mining capabilities designed to maximize the
effectiveness of interactive marketing campaigns.  The combined
solution – automated marketing and campaign management from
NewWorld Commerce and data mining services from The Modeling Agency
– helps marketing professionals gain a deeper understanding of
target customers in order to provide more relevant, personalized

With automated marketing and campaign management solutions from
NewWorld Commerce, marketing professionals can single-handedly create,
deliver and track interactive campaigns that enhance customer loyalty
and achieve maximum return on investment.  By integrating data mining
services from TMA, NewWorld Commerce enables marketers to perform more
detailed analysis of target customers’ responses, preferences and
buying behaviors.  This data can then be used to refine campaign
strategy, boost response rates and control campaign costs by using
advanced targeting techniques, and facilitate cross-selling,
up-selling and customer valuation.

“Sophisticated data mining techniques like those offered by The
Modeling Agency can take a lot of the guesswork out of interactive
marketing,” said Donal Daly, chief executive officer, NewWorld
Commerce.  “It’s no longer enough for marketers to launch
campaigns into a black hole; they need to be able to learn something
about individual respondents and the target audience in general
through each incremental effort and use that data to improve the value
of the offering the next time around.  The ability to target and
segment prospects and customers based on their responses to
interactive marketing campaigns is critical in acquiring, retaining
and cultivating relationships that lead to sustainable customer
loyalty, competitive differentiation and revenue generation

“NewWorld Commerce offers a truly innovative platform for targeting
and personalizing customer communications,” said Eric King,
president, The Modeling Agency.  “The introduction of data mining
technology into this environment exposes NewWorld Commerce clients to
a new level of intelligence that they can apply to refining their
interactive campaign management strategies.  It empowers marketing
professionals to make the most of their resources and be the champions
of their organization’s customer-centric business initiatives.”

The Modeling Agency will work as an extension of the NewWorld Commerce
team to help clients develop processes -- based on a company’s
specific business goals and existing infrastructure -- for extracting
and analyzing data from interactive campaigns.  Depending on the
clients’ resources and requirements, TMA will help automate market
segmentation and profiling activities including response modeling,
predicting customer buying behaviors and calculating customer lifetime

About The Modeling Agency

The Modeling Agency (TMA) is a structured, redundant network of senior
scientists, associate modelers, application programmers, project
managers and technical documentation specialists with expertise in
information modeling.  TMA applies advanced data mining technology
(transactional modeling) and knowledge engineering (domain expertise
modeling) to arrive at automated decision support systems that are
accurate and comprehensive, yet efficient, actionable and
understandable.  TMA teams with clients to ensure success in
leveraging embedded organizational intelligence for competitive

The Modeling Agency is based in Houston, Texas with international
representation and a global customer base.  For more information on
TMA's background, experience and offerings in information modeling
solutions, training and consulting, visit www.the-modeling-agency.com.

About NewWorld Commerce

Founded in 1994, NewWorld Commerce is dedicated to providing
innovative products and services that help marketing professionals
single-handedly create, deliver and track interactive campaigns that
fuel a company's revenue engine and deliver maximum return on
investment.  Based in Dublin, Ireland, with U.S. headquarters in
Seattle, Washington, NewWorld Commerce's European and North American
customers include WorldCom, Heineken, Oracle and Pigsback.com, among

Using the streamlined browser-based interface of NewWorld Direct, the
company’s flagship product, marketing professionals can quickly and
cost-effectively design highly targeted and personalized one-to-one
communications that increase customer loyalty and maximize up-selling
and cross-selling opportunities. NewWorld Direct features
sophisticated measurement and reporting on a named-user level,
enabling marketers to more accurately measure campaign effectiveness
and optimize return on investment.

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