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From: (ICML 2002)
Date: Sat, 1 Dec 2001 00:39:26 +1100 (EST)
Subject: ICML2002 Call for Proposals for Tuorials, deadline Mar 1, 2002
Call for Tutorial Proposals
International Conference on Machine Learning (ICML-2002)

  The ICML-2002 Organizing Committee invites proposals for tutorials to be
  presented at the Nineteenth International Conference on Machine Learning
  (ICML-2002).  ICML-2002 tutorials will be held on the first day of the
  conference, 9 Jluy, at the University of New South Wales, the site of all
  ICML events. Anyone interested in presenting a tutorial at the conference
  should submit a proposal as outlined below.

  ICML tutorials will provide conference participants with an opportunity
  to learn about important advances in the science and practice of machine
  learning.  Tutorials will cover both recent advances that are of broad
  interest, and more mature topics that may be unfamiliar to a significant
  portion of the field.  Tutorials are included in the registration fees of
  all participants, and will be an integral part of the conference. Each
  tutorial will last two hours.


  We seek tutorial proposals on core techniques and areas of knowledge that
  should be broadly known within the machine learning community.  We are
  interested in tutorials that summarize recent technical advances in a
  core area of machine learning or that summarize techniques recently
  introduced from other fields.  We are also interested in tutorials that
  educate the community about more mature techniques from machine learning
  and statistics that are still unfamiliar to part of the community.
  Finally, we are interested in tutorials that present basic knowledge
  necessary to bridge the gap between machine learning and another field of
  science that could offer unique technical insights or opportunities for
  innovative applications of machine learning.


  Proposals should provide sufficient information to evaluate the quality
  and importance of the topic, the likely quality of the presentation
  materials, and the speakers' teaching ability.  We encourage tutorials
  taught by two-person teams because the added perspective of a second
  presenter can provide richer, more balanced coverage of an area.

  Proposals should be 3-5 pages long and contain at least the following

     *  Description -- A short paragraph summarizing the topic of the

     *  Goal -- Who is the target audience? What will the audience learn?
        Why do they need to know it?

     *  Prerequisites -- What knowledge are audience members assumed to
        have before entering the tutorial?

     *  Content -- Detailed outline of the topics to be presented. If
        possible, provide samples of past tutorial slides or teaching

     *  Presenters -- The name, mailing address, phone number, e-mail
        address, and webpage of each presenter.  In addition, indicate
        presenters' background in the tutorial area.

Submission Deadlines

           1 March 2002  Proposals due

          15 March 2002  Notification of acceptance

          29 March 2002  Abstracts due

            31 May 2002  Tutorial notes due

  Proposals will be reviewed by the tutorial chair and members of the
  organizing committee.  Please submit  electronic submissions in text,
  PostScript or PDF to:

       Tatjana Zrimec

Additional Information

  For additional information, see the conference web site:


  which will provide additional details as they become available. If you
  have questions about ICML-2002, please send electronic mail to

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