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Applix Integra combines interactive planning with CRM analytics
December 12, 2001. Applix (NASDAQ: APLX) today announced the launch of
Applix Integra, the first real-time, enterprise-wide interactive
planning and CRM analytics solution on a single platform. Applix
Integra provides immediate visibility into operational data, which
allows managers to quickly stabilize operational fluctuations and take
advantage of unforeseen opportunities. Applix Integra integrates
planning, analytics, business workflow, collaboration, exception
alerting and forecasting.

"Responsiveness is essential to operational success and it requires
real-time access to key performance indicators across the
business. For the first time, leaders of global, complex companies
have a solution - Applix Integra - that enables them to monitor their
business and respond to the marketplace on a continual basis," said
Alan Goldsworthy, Applix President and CEO. "Comprised of two proven
technologies on a single platform, Applix Integra rapidly handles
complex business models and incredibly large volumes of
data. Executives can now view customer information in context with
financial data and perform truly interactive planning from a panoramic
perspective complete with drill-down capabilities. What was once
imagined is now possible...and will be demanded by forward-thinking
enterprise leaders."

Applix Integra seamlessly integrates disparate data from multiple
applications - in real-time -- to give companies a clear picture of
their operating status. It proactively alerts business users to
operational fluxes, dramatically improving the speed, efficiency and
relevance of corporate information. With an easy-to-view dashboard
showing how business is doing right now, companies can improve
predictability and performance, enhance collaboration and
communication, and reduce operating costs. Applix Integra supports Web
and wireless delivery so information is accessible anytime, anywhere.

Applix Integra combines two proven, award-winning technologies -
Applix iEnterprise and Applix iTM1 -- in an integrated application
development platform to provide a truly holistic interactive planning
and customer analytics solution. Applix customers and partners
worldwide can upgrade to the Applix Integra platform and take
immediate advantage of enhanced functionality and product
features. Applix Integra is being developed for beta programs now and
will be generally available in early 2002.

For more information, please see www.applix.com

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