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From: George Karypis
Date: Tue, 18 Dec 2001 10:37:38 -0600
Subject: SOFTWARE: CLUTO - Software for Clustering High-Dimensional Datasets
We will like to announce the release of CLUTO (Ver. 1.0), a software
package for clustering high-dimensional datasets. CLUTO is well-suited
for clustering data sets arising in many diverse application areas
including information retrieval, customer purchasing transactions,
science, and biology.

CLUTO provides a set of partitional clustering algorithms that treat
the clustering problem as an optimization process which seeks to
maximize or minimize a particular clustering criterion function
defined over the entire clustering solution. CLUTO provides several
such criterion functions that produce high quality clustering
solutions in high-dimensional datasets.

CLUTO also provides a variety of tools for analyzing the discovered
clusters to understand the relations between the objects assigned
to each cluster and the relations between the different clusters.
CLUTO can identify the features that best describe and/or discriminate
each cluster. These set of features can be used to gain a better
understanding on the set of objects that were assigned to each
cluster and to provide concise summaries about the cluster's contents.
Moreover, CLUTO includes a hierarchical agglomerative algorithm that
can be used to organize the discovered clusters into a hierarchical
tree that optimizes a particular criterion function. This hierarchical
tree can be used to identify the relations between the various clusters
discovered by CLUTO.

CLUTO's distribution consists of both a stand-alone program for
clustering and cluster analysis, as well as a library via which an
application program can access directly the various clustering and
analysis algorithms implemented in CLUTO.

Obtaining CLUTO
CLUTO is freely distributed. Information on how to get the package
is available on WWW at:

URL: http://www.cs.umn.edu/~karypis/cluto

Contact Information
CLUTO has been written by George Karypis, at the Computer Science
Department of the University of Minnesota. If you have any questions
or problems obtaining CLUTO, send email to karypis@cs.umn.edu.

CLUTO is copyrighted by the Regents of the University of Minnesota.

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