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From: Richard Osbourn

Date: Fri, 3 May 2002 09:39:02 +0100

Subject: thinkAnalytics delivers real-time decision making and predictive analysis with K.wiz 6.0

thinkAnalytics delivers real-time decision making and predictive analysis for CRM and BI solutions with K.wiz 6.0.

Real-time decision making integrated into business and operational processes significantly improves efficiency and clearly differentiates companies that are responsive, competitive and successful. For companies with a customer centric strategy the focus is to drive incremental revenue, reduce customer churn and increase rates of new customer acquisition, at less cost. Therefore, the business demands a solution that helps them co-ordinate intelligent decisions in real- time, across a broad range of customer touch points, learns automatically and re-models itself as the needs and behaviour of its customer change.

The delivery of real-time analytics and modelling to a business is vital, however, the ability to achieve this and at the same time integrate with strategic technologies within an organization is critical. K.wiz 6.0 provides a range of components to connect the revolutionary data-mining platform to the major CRM and Business Intelligence technologies, improving and automating the decision making processes and protecting technology investments. For example, a call center operator retrieves customer information and an assessment of their value to the business. A personalized product offering based on buying patterns of other customers as well as the individuals customer profile is produced. The result is an instant cross-sell opportunity.

In addition to the CRM components K.wiz 6.0 delivers a library of components for SAS, IBM MQ WebSphere and generic components for live data sources. The K.wiz component architecture enables customers and partners to add their own components to the data-mining platform. This unique feature provides the ability to integrate their own analytical techniques and algorithms quickly and easily, protecting their IPR and analysis investment, and deliver consistent decision-making throughout the business.

K.wiz 6.0 also includes;

  • Statistics components including Correlation and Linear, Bivariate and Multiple Regression techniques
  • XML data transformation components
  • Lift Chart and Cumulative Gains visualization components

In addition, existing components have been updated to provide additional functionality, improve performance and ease of use. The component groups include Data Sources, Data Sinks, Data Reduction, Data Transformation, Data De-duplication, Algorithms, Statistics, Visualization, Connectors, XML Transformations and External.

The release of K.wiz 6.0 uniquely positions thinkAnalytics as a premier supplier of real-time analytical technology and solutions, across industries and business function.

Automating Data Mining - Real-Time, Scalable, Open and Embeddable

For more information about K.wiz 6.0 please visit www.thinkanalytics.com or contact info@thinkanalytics.com

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