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From: Michael J Campa

Date: Mon, 6 May 2002 10:58:35 -0400

Subject: Proteomics Conference New Date, Sep 23, 2002, Duke Univ., North Carolina

First Annual Proteomics Data Mining Conference http://www.radweb.mc.duke.edu/cme/proteomics/proteomics.htm NEW DATE------- September 23, 2002-------NEW DATE Searle Center Duke University Medical Center

The use of MALDI-TOF MS as a discovery and diagnostic tool is increasing very rapidly. However, the nature of the data output imposes unique challenges to analysis. We have organized the First Annual Proteomics Data Mining Conference in an attempt to address several fundamental issues in proteomics analysis.

The conference is modeled after the very successful CAMDA conference (www.CAMDA.duke.edu), which challenged researchers to analyze the same sets of gene array data and present their methods at the conference. For the Proteomics Data Mining Conference, the data are MALDI-TOF spectra generated from clinical specimens, and the problem guidelines and data sets are available to registrants on the conference web site.

We encourage and challenge all participants to present one or more solutions. Researchers will be asked to submit extended abstracts detailing their analytic approach. Several of these abstracts will be chosen for presentation at the conference, while others will be selected for poster presentation. We believe this unique opportunity will help to advance our collective ability to map and understand the human proteome

Please visit the conference website at http://www.radweb.mc.duke.edu/cme/proteomics/proteomics.htm for detailed information. We also encourage you all to pass this email along to others who may be interested. We look forward to seeing you in September.

Sincerely, Edward F. Patz, Jr Michael C. Fitzgerald Michael J. Campa Simon Lin

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