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From: Wang Yu-Ping at ADIR

Date: Thu, 29 Aug 2002 14:25:06 -0500

Subject: Special Issue on Genomic Signal Processing, deadline Dec 1, 2002

Dramatic advances in genome research (i.e., the sequencing of the human genome and DNA microarray/gene chip technology) in recent years have produced huge volumes of data, offering great potential for diagnosis of disease and drug discovery. The acquisition, storage, analysis, and visualization of these abundant data require the state of the art computing techniques and thus give rise to many challenging problems. They also offer exciting opportunities for the design of new signal/image processing theories and algorithms. Signal processing techniques have been playing an important role in this cross-disciplinary area of bioinformatics, with significant impact on the science of bio-medical imaging and diagnosis of disease.

We invite submission of manuscripts that address the state of the art of genomic data analysis using novel signal/image processing approaches. Suggested topics include:

* Genomic image data compression * Gene expression pattern comparison using statistical signal processing approaches * Developing high-resolution imaging methods for gene data acquisition * Novel signal/image models for genomic data representations and visualization * Neural network and other data mining techniques in the gene expression data clustering * Automated spot identification and segmentation methods in microarray image analysis * Pattern classification for chromosome, FISH and M-FISH images * High-throughput hardware/software to large scale genome computation

The special issue will give particular attention to contributions describing signal-processing methods with a thorough clinical evaluation VLSI Signal processing seeks high quality research papers for this special issue. The use of signal/image processing approaches in the genomic data analysis should be well motivated with respect to medical significance. The advantages of signal processing based tools should be emphasized.

All authors should submit five copies of their manuscripts and figures by December 1, 2002 to the editorial office, with an indication on this special issue. The instruction for authors is available at the journal's website (http://www.kluweronline.com/issn/0922-5773). Authors intending to submit articles are encouraged to discuss their submissions with the Guest Editors.

Yu-Ping Wang, PhD. Advanced Digital Imaging Research LLC. 2450 South Shore Blvd. Suite 305 League City, TX 77573 Phone: 281-535-1889 ext. 428 Fax: 281-538-7596 Email: wyp@adires.com

Yu Heng Hu, Professor Dept. of Electrical and Computer Engr. Univ. of Wisconsin - Madison 1415 Engineering Drive Madison, WI 53706-1691 Phone: 608-262-6724 Fax: 608-262-1267 Email: hu@engr.wisc.edu

Submission of manuscripts: December 1, 2002 Acceptance/rejection notification: March 1, 2003 Revised manuscript: May 1, 2003 Publication: late 2003 (tentative)

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