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From: Gregory Piatetsky-Shapiro
Date: 4 Nov 2002
Subject: New KDnuggets Search Engine: How to best use it

KDnuggets has recently switched to a new and much better search engine from Fluid Dynamics -- see www.kdnuggets.com. The new search engine

  • is much faster -- it uses a pre-built index.
  • allows matching keywords as a Phrase, matching ALL or ANY keywords
  • allows explicit inclusion or exclusion of words
  • allows wildcards (*)

Including or excluding words:

To make sure that a word is always included in your search topic, place the plus (+) symbol before the key word in the search box. To make sure that a specific word is always excluded from your search topic, place a minus (-) sign before the keyword in the search box.

Example: To find jobs with keywords "neural networks" but without "citizenship",
search in Section Jobs for
neural networks -citizenship

Using wildcards (*) in search:

By typing an * at the end of a keyword, you can search for the word with multiple endings.

Example: Try bio*, to find biology, bioinformatics, biotech, etc.

For more details, see search help

Note: Some terms like "data mining", "knowledge discovery", "kdnuggets" are found on almost every page of KDnuggets. Instead of searching for them, please see FAQ -- Frequently Asked Questions.

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