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Date: 18 Nov 2002
Subject: Computational Biologist at NIAID Biodefense program, Bethesda, MD

BIODEFENSE. NOW MORE THAN EVER. Mobilizing Science to Protect Public Health

The National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases(NIAID), the National Institutes of Health, and the Depratment of Health & Human Services conduct and support a global program of research aimed at developing better ways to diagnose, treat and prevent infectious, immunologic, and allergic diseases. The NIAID will lead the NIH response with a strong biodefense by vastly accelerating basic and applied research intended to ensure protection of civilians around the world. Consider joining our effort to create the strongest biodefense possible.

Current openings include:

Computational Biologist/Project Manager
Req Number: T42-03-222
Job Code: 401/403/601/602a
Job Grade: GS-13/14
Location(s): Bethesda MD
Salary Range: $66229 - $101742

Citizenship: M.D. and Ph.D candidates must be U.S. citizens or be permanent residents, resident aliens, or non-resident aliens with authorized employment visas from allied countries. Some of those positions may be tenure-track.

This team works to advance the mission of NIAID through the programming of activities in bioinformatics, bioengineering, and emerging technologies, placing special emphasis on the needs of Division of Allergy, Immunology and Transplantation (DAIT). Project manager position requires special expertise in computational biology and immunology.

Duties will be to advise NIAID's program officers and top management, conduct outreach to industry for NIAID, and design and implement special initiatives in bioinformatics, bioengineering, and emerging technologies.

The incumbent must understand the research interests of DAIT and be prepared to advance the mission of NIAID through leadership in the development, acquisition, and deployment of advanced technologies.

Regarding computational biology, this will require that he/she be knowledgeable in all engineering aspects of advanced technologies, with special emphasis on (a) knowledge and experience in bioinformatics research; knowledge and skill to manage a research information technology organization; (c) knowledge of publication records and experience with various programming language and operating systems.

Regarding immunology, this will also require that he/she make informed decisions about research including, but not limited to induction and maintenance of immunity; human B and T-cell immunity, immunology of specific organ systems, such as the respiratory, skin, or mucosal systems.

Regarding project management, successful fulfillment of his/her duties will require the candidate to demonstrate practical knowledge of (a) the applied sciences and bioengineering, (b) medical informatics and/or scientific research data systems, (c) technology management, with special emphasis on intellectual property and industrial research management, and (d) information policy. In applying his/her specific skills for practical research in this environment, the candidate should also possess first-hand knowledge about research in biodefense and/or vaccine development.


The applicant should have a Ph.D. or MD degree (with specialization) in immunology or the sciences basic to immunology and virology. The candidate should also possess direct research experience consistent with the typical path of graduate training and scholarship in his/her chosen scientific fields.

Please see more and apply on-line here.

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