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From: Petra Perner
Date: 3 Feb 2003
Subject: Special Session CBR at MLDM2003, deadline Mar 1

Special Session for Case-Based Reasoning on Images to the Intern. Conference on Machine Learning and Data Mining, MLDM2003

We invite researchers dealing with case-based reasoning for image analysis, image classification, and image interpretation to submit their paper that describe the current status of their work to MLDM (Intern. Conference on Machine Learning and Data Mining) www.ibai-research.de; Full research papers as well as position papers are welcome. Research papers should not exceed 15 pages. Position papers should not have more than 5 pages according to Springer style format. Papers should describe the problem they want to study, the state-of-the-art of CBR work for images and how their works fits in to it or extents the recent state-of-the-art. The solution of the problem or in case of a position paper the intended solution should be described. At least one sample image for the problem should be shown in the position paper. For a full research paper we expect that the images under study are described sufficiently well.

For full research papers applies the normal reviewing procedure of MLDM. The deadline is January, 10th 2003.

The deadline for position papers is March, 1st, 2003.
Please sent two files, a file that contains an abstract of your paper with names, affiliation, and e-mail address and a file that contains the full paper to ibaiperner@aol.com. Name your files by the first three initials of the corresponding author and by abstract for the abstract file and by paper for the file containing the full paper.
We are looking forward to receive your paper.

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