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From: Vic Rayward-Smith
Date: 5 Mar 2003
Subject: Spec. Issue of the J. of Mathematical Modelling and Algorithms (JMMA), deadline June 30, 2003

Papers are solicited for a special issue on CLUSTERING TECHNIQUES. Papers should be submitted by June 30th 2003 to
Prof V J Rayward-Smith
School of Computing Sciences
University of East Anglia
The Journal of Mathematical Modelling and Algorithms (JMMA) is concerned with research in the interface of computer science and mathematics. In particular, the journal focuses on applicable mathematics where the research reported contains a significant computing science component. Published papers have a strong mathematical foundation and are concerned with the exploitation of recent advances in computing generally with a view to solving problems of a practical nature. The journal's web site is http://www.kluweronline.com/issn/1570-1166 where instructions to authors can be found.

Papers to be considered for the special issue should be clearly marked as such. The refereeing process will take a maximum of three months and final versions of accepted papers will be due in mid November. The special issue will be published early in 2004.

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