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KDnuggetsTM News 03:06, Mar 25, 2003

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  • (item1) Poll Results: KDnuggets News Sections
  • (item2) New Poll: US/Canada Data Miners - annual income or status
  • (item3) 90th Birthday of a A. Ivakhnenko, Pioneer in Cybernetics and Inductive Learning
Courses (see also KDnuggets Courses page)
  • (item4) DATA MINING: LEVELS I & II [ Las Vegas: Apr | NYC: Jun | San Diego: Sep ]
  • (item5) Salford Courses: May 19-22 in Chicago, live webcasts (no charge)
Jobs (see also KDnuggets Jobs page)
  • (item6) Draper, Utah: Statistician, CS Operations/Risk Analytics at eBay
  • (item7) New York, NY: Director of Technology and Data Mining (Quantitative Analysis), Proprietary Trading at major investment bank
  • (item8) West Point, PA: Marketing Analyst/Project Manager at Merck
Software & Services (see also KDnuggets Software page)
  • (item9) Modeling Monthly Newsletter at www.OLIVIAGroup.com
  • (item10) ODBCMine shareware data-mining tool version 2.0 available
Publications (see also KDnuggets Publications page)
  • (item11) SIGKDD Explorations Jan 2003 issue on Privacy and Security, available on-line
  • (item12) Megaputer software accompanies new Prentice Hall books on Decision Support Systems and Data Mining
  • (item13) STT Data Mining Publication, Dealing with the Data Flood
  • (item14) Fortune on Business Intelligence and ice cream
  • (item15) Data Mining while Protecting Privacy
  • (item16) Amdocs Acquires Xchange for $5.1 Million in Bankruptcy Auction
  • (item17) Mitch Kapor quits Groove Networks in protest against TIA
  • (item18) X-SellAnalyst Increases Online Sales at IHS
  • (item19) 2Xchange uses Outlook and Exchange for Data Mining and Querying
  • (item20) EuroDirect selects KXEN for improved predictive modelling
Meetings (see also KDnuggets Meetings page)
  • (item21) SIAM Data Mining 2003, Preregistration and Hotel deadline - Apr 2
CFP (see also KDnuggets Meetings page)
  • (item22), Multimedia Data and Document Engineering (MDDE-2003), deadline May 1
    * ECML/PKDD 2003 Discovery Challenge, deadline June 30
    * 3rd Int. Conf. on Hybrid Intelligent Systems, deadline July 15
    * 4th Int. Workshop on Extraction of Knowledge from Databases (EKDB'03), deadline May 18
  • (item23) J. of Database Management Spec Issue on Enhancing National Security, deadline Aug 1
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KDnuggets : News : 2003 : n06

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