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From: Jas Walker
Date: 23 May 2003
Subject: Redmond, WA: Lead Software Design Engineer at Microsoft, MSN Search group

Join our growing team to work on an awesome technical challenge that is attached to the most successful internet business on the planet. The newly expanded MSN Search team is working on indexing the entire internet and returning best-of-class results to search queries. The team is looking for an experienced Lead-Software Design Engineer to head the development of our next generation runtime system. You will have the opportunity to work on groundbreaking technology which millions of users will use every day.

Core Job Responsibilities:

Your team will design and implement all components of the runtime system, including query preprocessing, query analysis, intent personalization, runtime ranking, and rendering. Your team will work closely with Research to incorporate the most advanced thinking from the company and academia into the runtime system, will be responsible for the implementation of all the code on the front end servers, and will work closely with other leads to ensure that your team delivers a system that meshes very well with the end-to-end system, to provide a superlative search experience to our customers.

Recommended Qualifications:

  • A very strong algorithmic background
  • An ability to work closely with Microsoft Research
  • A proven track record on shipping high scale/high performance systems.
  • An overall knowledge of search engines is a plus and knowledge of query and intent recognition technologies as well as knowledge of the application of spell checkers and phrasal checkers to query preprocessing is an added bonus.
  • Candidate will have experience implementing monitoring/instrumentation at all levels of the design, experience with performance tuning (e.g. knowledge of performance bottlenecks, disk IO v. memory v. CPU tradeoffs), and deep knowledge of the .NET platform, async implementations, and experience with distributed systems.
  • Demonstrable experience with C#/C++/XML, very solid coding/debugging skills and experience debugging running ("live") services is a plus.
  • You must have the ability to be very hands on, as you will spend about 30-50% of your time doing detailed development designs and writing code.
  • Demonstrated success at dealing with ambiguous problems and making solid progress when the solution is not well defined also desired.
Microsoft is an Equal Opportunity Employer and supports workforce diversity.

Please apply for this position by sending your resume to mssearch@microsoft.com with job code g8hb58716 in your subject line.

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